Look up clement in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Contents 1 Companies, 2 People 2.1 Given name (chronological order), 2.2 Surname (alphabetical order), , 3 Places, 4 Other, 5 See also, Clement is an English name, a form of the Late Latin name Clemens. Clément is a French form of the same name. Clement or Clément may refer to: Companies: Adolphe Clément-Bayard French industrialist, founder of all Clément companies listed below. Astra Clément-Bayard, French airship manufacturer, Clément-Bayard, French automobile manufacturer, Clément-Bayard, French aeroplane manufacturer, Clément Cycles, French bicycle and motorised cycle manufacturer, Clément Dunlop, occasional name used by 'Dunlop France' for sponsorship of sports teams., Clément-Garrard, British assembled motorised cycle under licence from Clément., Clément-Gladiator, French automobile manufacturer, Clément-Gladiator Cycles (see Clément-Gladiator), Clément, Gladiator & Humber (France) Ltd, see Clément-Gladiator Cycles (Clément-Gladiator)., Clément Motor Company, British automobile manufacturer and importer., Clément-Panhard, French automobile manufacturer, Clément Pneumatics, Franco-Italian cycle tyre manufacturer, Clément-Stirling, Franco-Scottish automobile manufacturer, Clément-Talbot, Anglo-French automobile manufacturer, Clément Tyres, Franco-Italian cycle tyre manufacturer, licensed in America since 2010, Diatto-Clément, Franco Italian motor manufacturer, , People: Given name (chronological order): Pope Clement (disambiguation) (any of at least 14 real Popes and two antiPopes), Clément Chantôme, French footballer, Clement of Alexandria (died c. 217), titled "St.", Clement, bishop of Zaragoza ca. 326, Clement of Metz (4th century), first bishop of Metz, Clement, an alternative name for Aurelius Prudentius Clemens, Christian poet (348-c. 413), Clement of Ireland (born c. 750), titled "St.", active in the Paris Schools, Clement of Ohrid (died 916), titled "St.", Clement of Dunblane (died 1258), bishop of Dunblane, Clement Clarke Moore (1779-1863, American poet and author of A Visit from St. Nicholas, Clement Freud (1924-2009), politician, writer, comedian and grandson of Sigmund Freud, Clement, nom de guerre of Eugène Chavant in the French resistance during World War II, Clément Rodier (1829-1904), French missionary in Algeria & fruit breeder for whom the clementine was named, Clement Attlee (1883-1967), Prime Minister of UK (1945-1951), Clement Greenberg (1909-1994), American art critic, Clement Haynsworth (1912-1989), American judge, Clement Cheng (21st century), Canadian-Hong Kong film director, Surname (alphabetical order): Adolphe Clément-Bayard, 19th century French industrialist, Aeron Clement, Alberic Clement, Albert Clément, racing driver, participant in the first French Grand Prix in 1906., Alberto Vallarino Clement, Amanda Clement (1888-1971), American baseball umpire, Anthony Clement, Anthony Clement of Saxony, Arnaud Clément, French tennis player, Aurore Clément, Bill Clement, Bill Clement (rugby player) (died 2007), Welsh rugby international, Bob Clement, Coralie Clément, Dave Clement (1948-1982), English footballer, Dick Clement, Edith Brown Clement, Edmond Clément (1867-1928), French tenor, Dom François Clément, Frank G. Clement, Tennessee governor, Franz Clement (1780-1842), Austrian violinist and composer, Georges Clément, French athlete in 1900 Olympics, Gilles Clément, Gregory Clement, Hal Clement (born 1922), American writer, Henri II Clément (died 1265), French noble, Jack Clement (1931-2013), American singer, songwriter, record and film producer, Jacques Clément (1567-1589), assassin of king, James Clement, Jean III Clément (died 1262), French noble, Jean-Baptiste Clément (1836-1903), French activist, Jean-Pierre Clément (1809-1870), a French political economist and historian, Jemaine Clement, Jeff Clement, Jérémy Clément, French football player, Joseph Clement, Kerron Clement, Lillian Exum Clement, North Carolina politician, Linda Clement, Scottish field hockey player, Martin W. Clement (1881-1966), American railroad business manager, Matt Clement, Neil Clement (born 1978), English footballer, Nicolas Clément (1779-1841), French chemist, Olivier Clement, French Eastern Orthodox theologian, Pascal Clément (fl. 2000s), French jurist & politician, Paul Clement, United States Solicitor-General (2004-2008), Paul Clement (football coach) (born 1972), English football coach, Philippe Clement, René Clément, film director, Rod Clement, Skipper Clement, Stef Clement, Dutch cyclist, Stephen Emmett Clement, Tony Clement, Travers Clement, civil libertarian and Executive Secretary of the Socialist Party of America from April 1939, William T. Clement, Wolfgang Clement, Places: Clement Township, Michigan, Clément, French Guiana, a town, Saint Clement, Jersey, St Clement, Cornwall, St. Kliment Ohridski Base in Antarctica, St. Clement's Island in Maryland, St. Clement Catholic Church (Ottawa), Sant Climent de Llobregat, in province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Other: First Epistle of Clement, Clément (film), a 2001 French film

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