COIN's music is equal parts country & jazz: two contradictory styles at first blush, but actually both are adept at portraying the American experience, which COIN does to great effect on his debut solo album 'Ride What You Can't Change'. The songs are beautifully crafted: stories of hope & strength in the face of trying circumstances on par with the best of country narratives, paired with stunning, in-the-moment, jazz performances. COIN is Charles Danek, who was a member of Operation Aloha alongside bandmates from Gomez & Maroon 5 - Danek's sound also draws from his work with earlier collaborators that included Jewel & producer Ryan Freeland, and from summers on a Northern California dude ranch where he would work rodeos by day & sing at campfires by night. Inspired & motivated by the trying times we all share, COIN's songs achieve an elusive marriage of country & jazz traditions which creates a new sound... timeless & timely... unique to right here, right now.