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Columbia may refer to: Contents 1 Myths, 2 Places 2.1 In North America, 2.2 Elsewhere, 2.3 In fiction, , 3 Companies 3.1 Music and entertainment, 3.2 Other, , 4 Music, 5 People, 6 Schools 6.1 School districts, , 7 Transportation 7.1 Ships, 7.2 Winners of the America's Cup, 7.3 Other, 7.4 In fiction, , 8 Publications, 9 Other uses, 10 See also, Myths: Columbia (name), the female personification of the United States of America, and a poetic name for the Americas, Places: In North America: District of Columbia, the federal district in which the capital of the United States is located, Columbia, Alabama, a town, Columbia, California, a census-designated place and former boomtown, Columbia, San Diego, California, a neighborhood, Columbia, Connecticut, a town, Columbia, Illinois, a city, Columbia, Fayette County, Indiana, an unincorporated town, Columbia, Iowa, an unincorporated community, Columbia, Kentucky, a city, Columbia, Louisiana, a town, Columbia, Maine, a town, Columbia, Maryland, a planned community, Columbia, Mississippi, a city, Columbia, Missouri, a city Columbia, Missouri Metropolitan Area, , Columbia, New Hampshire, a town, Columbia, New Jersey, a census-designated place, Columbia, New York, a town, Columbia, North Carolina, a town, Columbia, Pennsylvania, a borough, Columbia, South Carolina, the capital of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina Metropolitan Area, , Columbia, South Dakota, a city, Columbia, Tennessee, a city, Columbia, Virginia, a town, Columbia, West Virginia, Columbia, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community, Columbia, former name of Romney, Indiana, an unincorporated community, Columbia, former name of Etna, New York, an unincorporated community, Columbia, former name of West Columbia, Texas, a city, Columbia (electoral district), a former provincial electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, 1903-1928, Columbia District, a Hudson's Bay Company fur trading district in the Pacific Northwest of North America in the 19th century, Columbia River, in Canada and the United States Columbia Basin, the basin of that river, Columbia Bar, sandbar in the estuary of the Columbia River, Columbia Country, region of British Columbia encompassing the northern portion of that river's upper reaches Columbia Valley, a region within the Columbia Country, , Columbia Lake, a lake at the head of the Columbia River Columbia Wetlands, a protected area near Columbia Lake, Columbia Slough, a slough along the Columbia watercourse near Portland, Oregon, , , Columbia Plateau, a landform flanking the lower stretches of the river Columbia River Basalt Group, a geological group related to the Columbia Plateau, , Columbia Icefield, an icefield in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Columbia (disambiguation), Columbia Island (New York), Columbia Island (District of Columbia), Columbia City (disambiguation), Columbia County (disambiguation), Columbia Township (disambiguation), Columbia Street, New Westminster, the main downtown street of that city, in British Columbia, Canada, Elsewhere: Columbia (supercontinent), a prehistoric supercontinent, 327 Columbia, an asteroid, Camp Columbia, a United States Army post in Australia during World War II, In fiction: Columbia (BioShock Infinite), a fictional city in the video game BioShock Infinite, Companies: Music and entertainment: Columbia Records, an American record-label founded in 1888, owned since 1988 by Sony Music Entertainment Columbia Symphony Orchestra, a former part of the Columbia Records company, , Columbia Graphophone Company, a British record-company and -label from 1922 to 1973, Columbia Music Entertainment, a Japanese record-company, Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures Television CBS Columbia Square, in Hollywood, California, West Coast home of CBS radio and television, Columbia TriStar Television, , , Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS radio and television networks Columbia Artists Management, , Other: Columbia Aircraft, taken over by Cessna, Columbia Aircraft Corp, originally Columbia Air Liners Inc., Columbia Bicycles of Hartford, Connecticut Columbia Automobile Company (1899-1913), originally expanded from the bicycle line, , Columbia Brewery in Canada, Columbia Comics, Columbia Data Products, Columbia Forest Products, Columbia Games, Columbia Gas Transmission, a gas pipeline between the U.S. Gulf Coast and New York, Columbia Helicopters, based in Aurora, Oregon, Columbia Industries, Columbia Insurance Group, Columbia Management Group, Columbia Motors of Detroit, Michigan (1917-1924), Columbia Power Corporation, Canada, Columbia Railway, historic Washington, D.C. streetcar company, Columbia Sportswear, formerly the Columbia Hat Company, Columbia Tower, Tallest building in Seattle, Washington, Columbia Transit, bus company serving Columbia, Missouri, Columbia University Press, affiliated with Columbia University and publisher of Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia Mining Company, a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, later shortened to Cominco and amalgamated in 2001 with Teck as Teck-Cominco, Music: Columbia: Live at Missouri University, a 1993 live album by American power pop group Big Star, "Columbia", a song on the 1994 Oasis album Definitely Maybe, "Columbia", a song on the 2000 Paul van Dyk album Out There and Back, "Columbia", a song on the 2005 Eric Johnson album Bloom, People: Al Columbia, American artist, writer and cartoonist, Columbia Lancaster (1803-1893), a delegate from the Territory of Washington, Columbia, a fictional character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Schools: Columbia University, New York City, Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina, Columbia College (disambiguation), Columbia Bible College (Abbotsford, British Columbia), Columbia Theological Seminary, formerly in Columbia, now in Decatur, Georgia, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, New York City, Columbia High School (disambiguation), Columbia Independent School, Columbia, Missouri, Columbia Middle School in Grovetown, Georgia, Columbia University, a former name of the University of Portland, School districts: Columbia Elementary School District, Redding, California, Columbia School District (Mississippi), Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, Missouri, Transportation: Ships: Columbia (Arrow Lakes sternwheeler), Columbia (barque), in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company on the Columbia River and along the Pacific Northwest Coast, USS Columbia, any of several ships of the US Navy, Columbia class cruiser, a group of two protected cruisers used by the United States Navy, 1890-91, CSS Columbia, a Confederate (and later U.S. Navy) ironclad ram during the Civil War, HMCS Columbia, any of several commissioned vessels of the Canadian Navy, Lightship Columbia, the first lightship on the Pacific Coast of the United States, docked in Astoria, Oregon, MV Columbia, a large passenger and automobile ferry in the Alaska Marine Highway System fleet, SS Columbia, a historic excursion steamer docked in Ecorse, Michigan, United States, SS Columbia (1880), a coastal passenger liner, which became the first outside useage of Thomas Edison's light bulb, SS Columbia (1889), an ocean liner , later renamed Rapido, a cruiser for the Spanish Navy, Columbia Rediviva, commonly known as the Columbia, a maritime fur trade vessel under captains John Kendrick and Robert Gray, Winners of the America's Cup: Columbia (1871 yacht), the 1871 America's Cup winner, Columbia (1899 yacht), the 1899 and 1901 America's Cup winner, Columbia (1958 yacht), the 1958 America's Cup winner, Other: Space Shuttle Columbia, Columbia, the Command/Service Module for the Apollo 11 mission, Columbia JL, a large amphibian aircraft built only as three prototypes, Wright-Bellanca WB-2 Columbia, the airplane piloted by Clarence Duncan Chamberlin, the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic, Columbia, another name for the 2-4-2 classification of steam locomotives, In fiction: Columbia (Star Trek), a fictional starship in the series Star Trek: Enterprise, Columbia, a fictional battlestar from both versions of the Battlestar Galactica TV series, Publications: Columbia Encyclopedia, one-volume encyclopedia published by Columbia University Press, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, annual literary journal founded in 1977 and published by Columbia University, Other uses: Columbia Center (disambiguation), Columbia Mall (disambiguation), Columbia (sheep), an American breed of sheep, Columbia (supercomputer), named for the space shuttle, Columbia Basin Trust, established by the government of British Columbia, Canada, Team Columbia, a professional cycling team sponsored by Columbia Sportswear, Columbia Carousel, carousels in amusement parks, Sailing Ship Columbia, a themed ride at Disneyland

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