Cottonwood may refer to: Contents 1 Plants, 2 Places, 3 People, 4 See also, Plants: Hibiscus tiliaceus, a flowering shrub or tree in the mallow family, In the poplar genus: Populus sect. Aigeiros, a taxonomic section of the poplar genus, commonly known as cottonwoods, Any of the three species in that section: Populus deltoides, Populus fremontii, or Populus nigra, , Various other species in the poplar genus with fluffy catkins: Populus angustifolia, Populus trichocarpa, or Populus heterophylla, , Places: Cottonwood, Alabama, Cottonwood, Arizona, Cottonwood, California, Cottonwood, Colorado, Cottonwood, Georgia, an unincorporated community in the City of Fayetteville, Georgia, Cottonwood, Idaho, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, Cottonwood, Minnesota, Cottonwood, South Dakota, Cottonwood, Callahan County, Texas, Cottonwood, Kaufman County, Texas, Cottonwood West, Utah, an unincorporated area in Salt Lake County that has since become part of the cities of Holladay and Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Utah, a city south of Cottonwood West, People: Joe Cottonwood (b. 1947), American author of fiction and poetry for adults and children, Pieare Cottonwood (b.1856), Famous French explorer discoverer many islands in Australia

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