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Courtney Stewart grew up in Pennsylvania. Having recorded this first EP at the age of fifteen, Courtney has been dreaming and working towards this career since she was a little girl. She says that Taylor Swift was the artist that prompted her to get into the music industry. Shortly after learning how to play the guitar “just like Taylor,” Courtney began delving into her songwriting as well. She found that writing came easy to her and has written dozens of songs over the past few years.
This EP contains Courtney’s songs “Telling You” a song Courtney wrote about an ex-crush who now has a crush on her. “Telling You” was recently released as a video on YouTube and has since attracted thousands of views. Other tracks on the EP include the song “For All The World To See,” “I’ll Think Of You,” and the title track “Where Will I Fit In?” This song was one of the first songs Courtney wrote and specifically dealt with her desire to become a country music singer/songwriter.
Grammy nominated producer and Lamon Records President Dave Moody summed up the album best when he said that “Courtney’s music is really powerful because she is writing about things that she knows – the relationships, the people, and the situations that she’s dealing with in her daily life.” Dave also said that Courtney is one of the most driven young artists he’s ever seen. “It’s great to see someone with so much talent and so much drive at such a young age.”

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