Craig Morrison (born 1975) is the British video game designer and director who works on massively multiplayer online role-playing game titles. He was game director and producer for Age of Conan for Norwegian company Funcom after Gaute Godager left the company. He was also game director for Anarchy Online and has been serving as the company's community manager since 2004, working on community aspects of various Funcom products including Dreamfall and Age of Conan. He is known better by many game followers by his forum username 'Silirrion'. He now works for Blizzard Entertainment on World of Warcraft. Morrison previously worked as an associate editor at IGN Vault Network and was an administrator and moderator at the VNBoards. Game credits: 2008 - 2012 Age of Conan (Game director, Producer) Funcom, 2004 - 2007 Age of Conan (Community manager) Funcom, 2004 - 2007 Anarchy Online (Community manager) Funcom, 2006 Dreamfall (Community manager) Funcom, 2007 Anarchy Online (Game director), Funcom

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