David Goodman may refer to: David Goodman (politician) (born 1967), member of the Ohio Senate, David Goodman (athlete), Australian Paralympian, David A. Goodman (born 1975), American writer and producer, David G. Goodman, American Japanologist, David S. Goodman (born 1958), British international master chess player, Dave Goodman (record producer) (1951-2005), English musician and early sound engineer/record producer for the Sex Pistols, David H. Goodman, American television writer and producer, David H. Goodman, American documentary filmmaker, Oscar winner in 1985, David Zelag Goodman, film and television writer, Dave Goodman (musician), Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter at CrossCut Records, David Goodman, sixth winner of the U.S. primetime version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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