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As cool and breezy as the Floridian lifestyle into which he was born and raised, David Fuit, is one of those artists that once you’ve heard, you just don’t easily forget. There’s more to this young artist than blonde-haired, blue-eyed good looks. His deep smooth vocals drop in effortlessly above the cool, funky playing of a guitar with sounds of "I just don’t give a damn!"

Growing up in Port Orange, Fl., in a home where Randy Travis records played alongside the sounds of Don Williams and Elvis Presley, David’s love of music was further inspired. David would watch endlessly as his father played songs on a piano that his grandmother had helped build. At age 13, he had to beg his father for a guitar, as in a house full of teenage kids, the last thing needed was the sound of an untamed instrument. David eventually got his way in the form of a black Johnson acoustic, which his father purchased for $85 at a local pawn shop. So began this wonderful friendship.

The kid and his guitar went everywhere together. What started as writing songs for family and friends, turned into an undeniable talent for matching smart lyrics with catchy tunes and melodies.

David Fuit is one to watch!!