At age nine, David Paul heard Chet Atkins' Guitar Genius album and his course was set. Years later, in 1982, Atkins himself said "David Paul could become one of best fingerstyle guitarists in the America." Paul has been turning heads in the fingerstyle guitar circles since the release of his first album (Picking Our Way) in 2003, and both Picking Our Way and Northstar Guitar (2005) were among the best sellers at, a specialty site for fingerstyle guitar. Rooted in the traditional fingerstyle of Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, Paul adds elements of the blues and classical guitar to the mix. Paul has also been honored with a signature guitar model by Heritage Guitars of Kalamazoo, MI, which is the featured instrument on Northstar Guitar. He has also released two DVDs: New Kid in Town and It's Showtime! ~ Sean Westergaard, Rovi