Deon Taylor is an American film director and screenwriter for horror films. Early life: Deon Taylor was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Gary, Indiana. During high school he and his mother moved to Sacramento, California, stating that, "Gary, Indiana is the murder capital of the world, so my entire freshman basketball team is dead." Taylor slept on the floor of a family friend's house and finished high school in Sacramento. During high school he played basketball and earned a full-tuition basketball scholarship to college. The first student to receive a full-tuition scholarship from his school or the district, Taylor attended college at San Diego State University and received a degree in Biology. During college he was named "Newcomer of the Year," and went on to play professionally, earning a spot in the NBA Entertainment League. While briefly playing basketball in Kemnitz, Germany for the Kemkatz, Taylor wrote his first script for Dead Tone (originally titled 7eventy 5ive). However, it would not be until years later Taylor would act on the project, first having a minor encounter with the music industry. Taylor set up his own independent record label in Northern California, but later changed his mind about the industry, saying, "I was selling someone else, and that was the artist." Taylor made up his mind to go into film after this and bring Dead Tone to completion. Currently, Deon Taylor is head of Deon Taylor Enterprises, CEO of Ether Marketing, and partnership owner of the American Basketball Association. " Film: Taylor says he loved horror movies since he was a kid and made up his mind to go into film-making after college and departure from the music industry. After his screenplay was rejected in L.A., Taylor partnered with an independent film company who later encouraged him to create his own business. He also received some mentoring from Jon Divens, co-producer of Blade and Blade II. Taylor founded Deon Taylor Enterprises in Sacramento, California and wrote and directed his first movie, Dead Tone. Taylor went on to shoot a horror series for BET, Nite Tales: The Series, a low budget series starring Flavor Flav that drew one million viewers on its first airing, but later lacked support from television because it was independently done. Taylor's slasher/thriller Chain Letter will be given a national release to select theatres in October 2010. Taylor currently resides in Sacramento, California, filming in both Sacramento and L.A. three days a week. Television: Nite Tales: The Series was created after Nite Tales: The Movie due to the success of its airing. Episodes were shot in one day on a 35 millimeter camera and budgeted around $20,000 - $50,000. The series was later aired on WGN in Chicago, Illinois on Friday nights at midnight in 2009. Nite Tales: The Movie was released on DVD in 2008 with a DVD release of the series pending in the future. Taylor has paired with Jamie Foxx to co-direct a future national television release titled Tommy's Little Girl. Filmography: Film Year Title Cast 2007 Dead Tone (originally 7eventy 5ive) Brian Hooks as Marcus, Jud Tylor as Karina, Cherie Johnson as Roxy, Germán Legarreta as Shawn, Antwon Tanner as Kareem, Wil Horneff as Scott/Josh, Aimee Garcia as Jody Walters, Rutger Hauer as Detective John Criton, Denyce Lawton as Anna, Gwendoline Yeo as Detective Anne Hastings, Jonathan Chase as Brandon O'Connell, 2008 Hustle, TheThe Hustle Charles Q. Murphy as Junior Walker, Al Shearer as Freddy Manning, David Alan Grier as Rev. Isaac Montgomery Paid, Tamala Jones as Nikki, Tommy Lister as Dog Thief, Kym Whitley as Miss Tanya, Bai Ling as Han, John Witherspoon as Mr. Wikes, Tony Cox as Biggman, Brigitte Nielsen as Rich woman, Michael J. Pagan as Dee aka Dwayne, David Faustino as Derrick, Darrin Dewitt Henson as Brother Efrom, Luenell as Metermaid, Ellia English as Mama, 2008 Nite Tales: The Movie Flavor Flav as Himself - Host, Dante Basco as Gerard, Andrea Bogart as Cindy, James Ferris as Cop, Sticky Fingaz as Dice, Soraya Kelley as Sarah, Sandra McCoy as Serena, Richard Moorhouse as Bank manager, Ariele Senara as Bloody Mary, Tony Todd as Clown, Jordan Woolley as Tom, 2009 Nite Tales: The Series Flavor Flav as Himself - Host, Brigitte Nielsen as Mona (episode Black Widow), April Scott as "Barbie" (episode "Trapped"), Gary Busey as "Army Man" (episode "Trapped"), Tiny Lister as "The Wrestler" (episode "Trapped"), 2010 Chain Letter Nikki Reed as Jessie Cambell, Keith David as Detective Jim Crenshaw, Brad Dourif as Mr Smirker, Noah Segan as Dante, Bai Ling as Jai Pham, Betsy Russell as Sergeant Hamill, Matt Cohen as Johnny Jones, Michael Bailey Smith as Chain Killer

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