Alternative Country
The Dirty Pesos are not a band put together by a record label. They are not some guys that answered ads for musicians in the local paper. They are a band of desperados who have known each other for years, and have torn up the road and stages, both together and separately. Their tenure in these parts is a virtual Texas Music history lesson, as they've all played at various times with some of the top artists from the north Texas region. The resonant baritone voice of Tom McElvain, a singer's singer, the six-string blitzkrieg precision of lead guitarist Mark Lafon, the thunderous, unbridled battery of Scott "Cowboy" Lytle's drums locked in with Brad King's solid bass lines, and the keyboards mastery of Kyle Wade Smith...everything is in place. These hombres make for one of the most seasoned and professional outfits to grace the region's landscape in quite some time. They cut their teeth the hard and honest way. Bumps, cuts, and bruises and all are but mere medals of honor for these compadres. Sometimes the fates do us a this time. Five ornery ol' boys have aligned, like the planets. Earthquakes may result. Don't stand on a rooftop and watch. Get down there where the ground is shaking and experience The Dirty Pesos.