"I was born on July 9,1998 in Madisonville Monroe County Tennessee. I've had 25 surgeries in my life. My mother and farther Shannon & Steven Stiles raise me up to trust Jesus & work hard. I started in 2012 and, my uncale Danny Moses showed my how to play a guitar. When I was younger my cousin (Justin Moses) started in Bluegrass music. He is well known in the bluegrass world. So I woke up one morning and I said "I gonna be a Country artist." That was it, I started playing in a little church called 'Fellowship Christian Church' in Tellico,TN. The church had a group call Sounds of Praise, and I played rhythm guitar. Later we lost time to practice and quit. Then I called my cousin Todd Standridge and joined his band the River Bottom Boys with Dylan & Corey Taylor for about a year. Now I'm doing my own thing and loving every second. With three Albums and one single I'm feeling good about this. You will see me around for awhile."
-Dylan Stiles