Henry Earl Sinks (born 1 January 1940), known professionally as Earl Sinks was an American singer-songwriter and actor, known by many pseudonyms, he led a prolific musical and acting career from the 1950s to the 1980s before retiring. Sinks was performing and recording publicly since 1958, eventually going on tour backed by Tommy Allsup supporting Buddy Holly. After Holly split with his band, the Crickets later that year, Sinks was brought in by Norman Petty to fill his spot, noting a similarity in their singing styles. He recorded and performed with the Crickets after Holly's death in 1959, contributing to the album, In Style with the Crickets (singing on notable songs such as "I Fought the Law," "Love's Made a Fool of You", and "When You Ask About Love"). Sinks' association with the Crickets ended in February 1960, citing a disagreement. David Box was later brought in to finish recording and fulfill the band's contract with Coral Records. Sinks later moved to Nashville, where he continued to release records throughout the sixties, usually under Decca Records. He occasionally recorded with the band the Omegas. Around this time, he switched over to country music, and began an acting career in a number of low-budget movies. Later in life, he produced music for a number of different music genres, while still occasionally recording.

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