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An innately talented young L.A. boy growing up from Downey to Norwalk to La Puente one day picked up a guitar and was on his way to living the vision.
Elvis & the Beatles began to stir in him a natural song writing & guitar playing gift and the boy Eddie started playing the broom only he played it upside down. Not knowing there was a wrong way to play it, this right handed boy played his chords left handed. One by one these came to him along with learning how to sing other people’s songs. The blessing gave him not only the ability to write and to play but a natural voice as melodiously beautiful as Kenny Loggins and as deeply and stirringly soulful as Ray Charles. Eddie Cunningham comes from tough stuff, A Texas truck driving grandpa with Dakota Cunningham Indian blood running through his veins. Eddie’s grandmother drove a Hollywood taxi, hanging out at the Palomino, selling poppies for the American legion, while raising Eddie’s step brother Butchie who died from MD at 17. Daddy worked 3 jobs to support the family, the primary one as a foreman in a steel mill while Mama stayed home to bring the family up right. Up right was work hard, care for each other, love each other and always do not the easy thing but the right thing. Eddie holds a Joseph Campbell philosophy although he never knew that’s what it was but again Eddie is a natural. That philosophy is for some of us, the chosen ones, the destination is the journey.. Be grateful for what you have, not only know who you are but as importantly know who you are not. “I think the main thing is keep your heart on track don’t stray and don’t give into temptations that result into negative Karma….stay true to your path and work hard and play safe.” ~Eddie Cunningham. Good lord willin' and the creeks don’t rise, Eddie is the vision. ~Dolly Miller Brennan