Edward, Ed, or Eddie Miller may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Sports, 3 Arts and entertainment, 4 Other, Politics: Edward Allan Miller (born 1942), Canadian politician, Edward B. Miller (born 1971), Deputy Chief of Staff to Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, Edward E. Miller (1880-1946), U.S. Representative from Illinois, Edward G. Miller, Jr. (1911-1968), U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, Edward Tylor Miller (1895-1968), U.S. Army officer and later U.S. Representative from Maryland, Sports: Ed Miller (first baseman) (1888-1980), Major League Baseball first baseman, Ed Miller (outfielder), American Association professional baseball player, Eddie Miller (infielder) (1916-1997), baseball shortstop, Eddie Miller (outfielder) (born 1957), retired Major League Baseball player, Eddie Miller (pitcher) (born 1902), American Negro league baseball player, Eddie Miller (racing driver) (1895-1965), American race car driver, Eddie Miller (basketball) (born 1931), American basketball player, Eddie Miller (American football) (1916-2000), American football quarterback, Arts and entertainment: Edward Miller (musician) (1735-1807), English organist and composer, Ed Miller (Scottish folk musician), Eddie Miller (jazz saxophonist) (1911-1991), jazz musician, Eddie Miller (songwriter) (1919-1977), American songwriter in the country music genre, Eddie "The Bombardier" Miller, radio talk show host, see The Political Cesspool, Edward Miller (born 1949), pseudonym of British fantasy, science fiction and horror illustrator Les Edwards, Other: Edward A. Miller, scientist who helped design and develop the satellite Corona, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Army, Edward D. Miller (born 1943), current Dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Edward J. Miller (born 1899), American prison administrator, Edward M. Miller (born 1944), American economist and intelligence researcher, Edward S. Miller, former FBI agent, Edward T. Miller (outlaw) (1856-1881), outlaw who rode with Jesse James and also was killed by him, Edward Miller (historian) (1915-2000), historian and Master of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, Edward Miller (priest) (1854-1951), Anglican Archdeacon of Colombo, Ed Miller (poker player) (born 1979), American professional poker player and poker authority, Eddie Miller, known as Bozo Miller, competitive eater

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