Born in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Greater Atlanta, Emily now makes her home in the song stream of Nashville, writing and recording on her own and in collaboration with others. Her music, most recently on her latest EP release, “Fury, Fear and “Heartbreak,” leans Americana but definitely shows her influences of folk, rock and flavor of country. “I listen to everything,” she says, “and I write whatever comes to me, which is why the songs on this EP are so different from one another. Some definitely fall into the country category, but they could fall under folk or singer/songwriter too. It’s whatever you want it to be. Americana opens its arms to folky writers who care a lot about their lyrics. That’s me.”

Emily is inspired by her surrounding of talented writers and performers in Nashville and takes each performance she sees to heart as she develops and plays writer rounds of her own. Whether she’s recording, performing or just listening to others, she “takes it all in like a sponge, whether it’s professional or aspiring artists. Then I’ll pick up the guitar and fool around with it when I get home, and that’s when melodies and rhythms come out of the woodwork. Sometimes when I’m just driving around, I come up with melody lines in my head, and I’ll pull out my phone and record them.”

She has co-written and worked with many local songwriters and continues to improve and love the craft of building a song, no matter who joins her in the process. “Writing on your own is different from co-writing. When you write with friends you can be comfortable in telling each other what you love and what you don’t, which only makes you better at self-judgment when you write on your own. But it’s fun writing with new people too because it’s like entering a new world of creativity. Everyone’s throwing out different ideas, so songs can be taken in a lot of different directions.”

Emily’s music has been played on 102.5 WOW Country in Crossville, Tenn., and she has been making appearances at a number of venues in the region, including Douglas Corner Cafe, The Basement and The Palace Theatre in Tennessee, Smith’s Olde Bar and The Peachtree Corners Music Festival in Atlanta. She is also exploring exciting opportunities in California to place her songs in films and TV shows.