Alternative Country
Eric Karge is the definition of what a country artist really should be. In an era where the modern country music artist sings songs of small towns, rural life and a connection with their so called "roots", Karge pens his own songs in which his real life understanding of the "real thing" shows through. It's no secret that artists frequently sing songs about a life in which they know nothing about. The ones that have never driven a truck or touched a backroad, never worked ground on a tractor, and outside of their mall purchased boots and plaid western-wear, have never actually stepped foot in that lifestyle. With him however, its not the same. Karge was born and raised on a grain farm in a small town in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. In a town of just five-hundred people he spent his early years learning the ways of his family's agricultural background. Summers of working in the fields and keeping his heritage alive he developed an understanding of the blue-collar life. In his spare time you could find him hunting, fishing and enjoying the natural resources that the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay is so well known for. His life is the embodiment of what country music artists strive to create as their "image". The difference with Eric however, is that he doesn't have to create anything. He is the real deal. What you see is what you get. He began playing the guitar so early in his life that he will tell you he doesn't remember a time in which he wasn't playing one. This led to a sincere love of country music, as well as southern and classic rock, that at the age of 11 gravitated him towards writing and recording his own music. In the decade that followed, Eric's life developed and he found a sincere love of sports. Eric said "I grew up in a town where baseball was everything to us. You were better off being late to church then you were being late to practice! Haha." he jokes. After being recruited by some of the top division one baseball programs on the east coast he made a decision to leave baseball behind and pursue an education while putting music on hold. In the last semester of his college years he decided it was time to go for it. He wrote and recorded his debut EP titled "A Small Town Night" in which he made it very clear that not only is he an extremely talented songwriter, singer and musician... but that he knows what he's talking about. The fans that religiously follow him find a connection with what is clearly a real life guy that isn't faking it. After asking him what it is that gives him inspiration to do what he's doing he simply responded "I am who I am and that's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Things haven't changed for me in that sense. Sure I'm trying to be somebody, but I'm not trying to be somebody else. I'm a singer not an actor and thats how I want it to keep it. I won't be anybody but myself and I think my fans appreciate that." It's reasons like these that he has had the success he has as an independent artist. Eric has shared the stage with many of our top superstars in the industry. Stars like Billy Currington, David Nail, Tracy Lawrence, Sammy Kershaw, Chuck Wicks... the list goes on. "I have learned a lot from watching these guys and I think that when you have opportunities to work with the best in the business you kinda just realize that you must be doing something right. No Currington pun intended." Still unsigned as an artist and still unpublished as a writer he shows no signs of letting up or slowing down. Song after song he produces material on a level with the best in the business. The only difference is... he's doing it on his own, his way, and his fans love him for it.