Evelyn may refer to: Evelyn (name), for people named Evelyn, Evelyn (film), a 2002 film starring Sophie Vavasseur and Pierce Brosnan, Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl, 2002 award-winning short film and black comedy directed by Newfoundlander Brad Peyton, Hurricane Evelyn, fifth hurricane of the 1977 Atlantic hurricane season, Evelyn 7", 2005 release by Australian group The Mess Hall, Evelyn (play), a 1969 radio play by Rhys Adrian, Places Evelyn, London, UK, Evelyn, Ontario, Canada, Evelyn, California, USA, Evelyn, Kentucky, Evelyn, Michigan, USA, Evelyn, Wirt County, West Virginia, Evelyn (VTA), light rail train station in Mountain View, California, USA, Evelyn County, New South Wales, Australia, Electoral district of Evelyn, an electoral district in Victoria, Australia, 503 Evelyn, a main belt asteroid, Schools Evelyn College for Women, or Evelyn College, the former women's college of Princeton University, Evelyn High School, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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