Gary Winston Boyle (born 24 November 1941 in Bihar, India) is a British jazz fusion guitarist. After attending the Leeds College of Music, Boyle joined the folk rock band Eclection. He then worked in Dusty Springfield's band The Echoes and became a member of Brian Auger and the Trinity. As a session musician, he worked in the early 1970s with e.g. Keith Tippett, Mike Gibbs, Mike Westbrook, Soft Machine,Stomu Yamashta's short-lived band "East Wind", Bert Jansch and Norma Winstone. Isotope: In 1973, Boyle founded the jazz fusion band Isotope with Jeff Clyne (bass), Brian Miller (keyboards) and Nigel Morris (drums). This line-up released the first, eponymous, album in 1974 on Gull Records. Their live work can also be heard on "Isotope and Gary Boyle: Live at the BBC" (Hux Records). Following the departure of Jeff Clyne and Brian Miller in 1974, Laurence Scott (keyboards) and Hugh Hopper (bass, formerly of Soft Machine) joined Boyle and Morris. This line-up recorded "Illusion". Live sessions can also be heard on "Golden Section" (Cuneiform Records), with some tracks featuring Aureo de Souza on percussion. Isotope's final album was "Deep End", released in 1976 (on Gull). The band's line-up had changed again, with Zoe Kronberger and Frank Roberts (keyboards) and Dan K. Brown (bass) replacing Scott and Hopper, although Hopper composed one tune for this album, "Fonebone", featuring himself on bass and Laurence Scott on keyboards. Solo Career: Since Isotope disbanded, Boyle has pursued a solo career, and has taught music in several English institutions.

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