George Davis may refer to: Contents 1 Sports, 2 Politics, 3 Military, 4 Other, 5 See also, Sports: George Davis (footballer) (1881-1969), England international footballer, George Davis (racing driver), retired NASCAR Grand National driver, George Davis (baseball) (1870-1940), American baseball player and manager, Iron Davis (George Allen Davis, 1890-1961), American baseball pitcher, Mark Davis (fisherman) (George Mark Davis, born 1963), bass fisherman, George Davis IV (born 1987), American soccer player, Politics: George Davis (politician) (1820-1896), Confederate States Attorney General, George Allen Davis (1857-1920), New York state senator, George R. Davis (New York) (1788-1867), Speaker of the New York State Assembly 1831 and 1843, George R. Davis (1840-1899), U.S. Representative from Illinois, George T. Davis (1810-1877), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, Military: George Andrew Davis, Jr. (1920-1952), United States Air Force major and Medal of Honor recipient, George E. Davis (Medal of Honor) (1839-1926), American Civil War officer and Medal of Honor recipient, George Whitefield Davis (1839-1918), American general and military Governor of Puerto Rico, George Fleming Davis (1911-1945), United States Navy commander, Medal of Honor recipient, Other: George Davis (actor) (1889-1965), Dutch-born American actor, George Davis (robber) (born 1941), British armed robber, George Davis (art director) (1914-1998), American art director, George Davis (editor) (1906-1957), American fiction editor and minor novelist, George E. Davis (1850-1907), British founding father of the discipline of chemical engineering, George M. Davis, American malacologist and Editor-in-Chief of Malacologia, George Roscoe Davis, Washington, DC lawyer, George S. Davis aka The Singing Miner (1904-1992), American country singer

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