George Johnson may refer to: Contents 1 People 1.1 Politics, 1.2 Sports, 1.3 Writers, 1.4 Other, , 2 Ships, 3 Companies, 4 See also, People: Politics: George W. Johnson (governor) (1811-1862), Confederate Governor of Kentucky, George Y. Johnson (1820-1872), New York politician, George A. Johnson (1829-1894), Attorney General of the State of California, George Randall Johnson (1833-1919), British cricketer who was a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council, George Balfour Johnson (1865-1940), politician in Saskatchewan, Canada, George William Johnson (congressman) (1869-1944), American congressman from West Virginia, George E. Q. Johnson (1874-1949), U.S. federal judge, George R. Johnson, Pennsylvania politician, George William Johnson (politician) (1892-1973), Canadian Member of Legislative Assembly from Manitoba, George W. Johnson (Minnesota politician) (1894-1974), Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives and 28th Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, George Johnson (Manitoba politician) (1920-1995), Canadian Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, George F. Johnson, IV (born c. 1953), American politician and sheriff, George Johnson (English politician) (1626-1683), George Alonzo Johnson (1824-1903), 49er, Colorado River steamboat entrepreneur and California politician, Sports: Chappie Johnson (George Johnson, 1877-1949), American baseball player and team manager, Negro Leagues career 1896-1919, George Johnson (American football) (born 1989), American football defensive end, George Johnson (athlete) (born 1938), Liberian athlete, George Johnson (baseball) (1890-1940), American baseball outfielder in the Negro Leagues, George Johnson (footballer), English football manager, George E. Johnson (basketball) (born 1947), American ABA/NBA player, George T. Johnson (born 1948), American NBA player, George L. Johnson (born 1956), American NBA player, George S. Johnson (1879-?), Australian rules footballer, George Johnson (boxer), American heavyweight boxer, Writers: George Johnson (writer) (born 1952), American science writer, including for The New York Times, George B. Johnson (born 1942), American science writer, George Clayton Johnson (born 1929), American science fiction writer, George William Johnson (writer) (1802-1886), British writer, Other: George Johnson (artist) (born 1926), Australian artist, George Johnson (British Army officer) (1903-1980), George Johnson (priest) (1808-1881), British clergyman and academic, George Johnson (supercentenarian) (1894-2006), American veteran of World War I, George E. Johnson, Sr. (born 1927), American entrepreneur, George F. Johnson (1857-1948), American businessman, George Henry Martin Johnson (1816-1884), Iroquois chief, George Owen Johnson (1896-1980), Canadian aviator, RCAF Air Marshal and WWI ace, George Raymond Johnson (1840-1898), English architect in Australia, George W. Johnson (1850-1914), African-American singer, early recording artist, George Johnson aka Lightnin' Licks (born 1953), American musician, member of The Brothers Johnson, George Johnson (actor), voiced Goofy from 1939-1943, George Johnson (physician) (1818-1896), English physician, Ships: USS George A. Johnson (DE-583), a United States Navy destroyer escort in commission from 1944 to 1946 and from 1950 to 1957, USS George H. Johnson (SP-379), the proposed name and designation of a commercial freight lighter the United States Navy considered for service during World War I but never acquired, Companies: George P. Johnson, an American multinational corporation

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