George Taylor may refer to: Contents 1 Military, 2 Politics, 3 Sports, 4 Characters, 5 Academics, 6 Others, 7 See also, Military: George Taylor (Alamo defender) (c. 1816-1836), soldier in Texas army, died in the Battle of the Alamo, George Taylor (British Army officer) (1905-1994), served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Mau Mau campaign, George Taylor (Medal of Honor) (1830-1893), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient, George A. Taylor (1899-1969), American army officer at D-Day invasion, Battle of Normandy, George P. Taylor (born 1953), American Air Force Surgeon General, George W. Taylor (general) (1808-1862), American Civil War general, Politics: George Taylor (delegate) (c. 1716-1781), signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, George Taylor (Canadian politician) (1840-1919), Canadian House of Commons member, George Taylor (New York Representative) (1820-1894), American Congressman from New York, George E. Taylor (Michigan politician) (1838-1903), Michigan politician and judge, George Edwin Taylor (1857-1925), National Negro Liberty Party candidate for president of the United States, 1904, George L. Taylor (1842-?), physician and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada, George Sylvester Taylor (1822-1910), American Massachusetts state senator, George W. Taylor (politician) (1849-1932), American Congressman from Alabama, George William Taylor (born 1937), Canadian Solicitor General, Sports: George Taylor (Australian rules footballer), see List of Sydney Swans players, George Taylor (baseball) (1853-1911), American Brooklyn Dodgers player, George Taylor (cricketer) (1909-1986), English cricket player, George Taylor (footballer) (1915-1982), Scottish footballer, played for Aberdeen and Plymouth Argyle, George Taylor (Negro leagues) (born 1869), Negro leagues First baseman, Characters: George Taylor, fictional character in the DC Comics universe, chief editor of the Daily Star, Taylor (Planet of the Apes), Colonel George Taylor, fictional hero of the film Planet of the Apes, Academics: George E. Taylor (historian) (1905-2000), China scholar, University of Washington professor, George F. Taylor (died 2011), Lebanon scholar, British author, historian, numismatist and amateur archaeologist, George Pritchard Taylor (1854-?), grammarian, George Watson-Taylor (1771-1841), British collector, George W. Taylor (professor) (1901-1972), American academic and labor mediator, Others: George Taylor (artist) (1914-1996), English commercial artist, George Taylor (botanist) (1904-1993), British botanist, from 1956 to 1971 director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, George Taylor (gardener) (1803-1891), introduced celery to the United States, George Anthony Morgan Taylor (1917-1972), Australian recipient of the George Cross, George Augustine Taylor (1872-1928), Australian artist and journalist, George Keith Taylor (1769-1815), United States federal judge, George Ledwell Taylor (1788-1873), English architect, George Caldwell Taylor (1885-1952), U.S. federal judge

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