Hailing from Ann Arbor, MI, these three slightly twisted gentlemen -- Tasty Pastor J (Jason Church), Reverend C. Cobb (Robbie Conaway), and Pope D Licious (Derek Kramer) -- serve up some of the funniest, quirkiest, dirtiest songs ever to be performed on acoustic instruments. Surfacing in 1997 as the opening act for the adult-themed marionette group the Gepetto Files, the Ghettobillies quickly developed a following of their own and began playing at local clubs. Unlike other funny rock acts, their music is not a series of knock-knock jokes, but rather a whirlwind of pop culture references and sneak peeks at the seamy underbelly of society, more along the lines of the Rugburns or maybe the Kingston Trio on acid. Song topics can range anywhere from proctology and pornography to tender love songs about one-legged ladies and the minister's daughter, and are sung with such earnestness that listeners can scarcely believe their ears. Their independent release in 1999, Some Rezeev, increased their following and encouraged the band to tour the Midwest. In 2000, the Ghettobillies signed to Planet Ant Records and released their second CD, charmingly titled Butterface. ~ Zac Johnson, Rovi