Ghost train may refer to: Ghost train (folklore), Ghost train, alternative name for a dark ride, an indoor amusement ride, Ghost train, alternative name for a parliamentary train, a service run rarely to maintain the legal fiction that a station or line remains open, A popular nickname for the New York City G Train, New Jersey Central Railroad's Engine No 1706, Contents 1 Film and theatre, 2 Music, 3 Television, 4 Literature, 5 See also, Film and theatre: The Ghost Train (play), written in 1923 by Arnold Ridley, and subsequently adapted for film, television, and radio, Films based on the Arnold Ridley play: Ghost Train (1927 film), starring Guy Newall, The Ghost Train (1931 film), starring Jack Hulbert, The Ghost Train (1937 film), starring Hugh Dempster, De Spooktrein, a 1939 Dutch film directed by Karel Lamac, The Ghost Train (1941 film), starring Arthur Askey, Ghost Train International, English title of the 1976 Danish film Sp√łgelsestoget, Other films: Ghost Train (2006 film), Japanese horror movie, Music: Ghost Train, an album by The Hot Club of Cowtown, "Ghost Train", a concert band composition by Eric Whitacre, Songs "Ghost Train", by The Swanks (Jack Revelle, Otha Libby, Bobby Jones), recorded 1964, Riposo Studios, Syracuse, N.Y., Charm Records, BMI 6081, "Ghost Train", from the 1986 album Dreamtime by The Stranglers, "Ghost Train", from the 1991 album Marc Cohn by Marc Cohn, "Ghost Train", from the 1992 album Still Life with Guitar by Kevin Ayers, "Ghost Train", from the 1992 album Delusions of Banjer by Bad Livers, "Ghost Train", from the 1993 album August and Everything After by Counting Crows, "Ghost Train", B-side of "Rock the House" by Gorillaz, "(Waiting For) The Ghost Train", by Madness, "Ghost Train From Georgia", the title track of the album by Grinderswitch, Television: Ghost Train (TV series), broadcast between 1989 and 1991, Ghost Train on Sunday (TV series), a Ghost Train (TV series) spin-off, produced in 1990, "Ghost Train", 1985 episode of Amazing Stories (TV series), directed by Steven Spielberg, "Ghost Train", 1986 episode of Thomas and Friends (series 2), Literature: Ghost Train, an award-winning picture book by Canadian author Paul Yee

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