Git, Gits or GIT may refer to: Contents 1 Technical/Scientific terms 1.1 Language, 1.2 Science and technology, , 2 Toponymes (places), 3 Proper names 3.1 Entertainment, 3.2 Music, 3.3 Organizations, , Technical/Scientific terms: Language: Git (pronoun), the second-person, dual, personal pronoun (nominative) in Old English, Git (slang), British slang for a contemptible person, Gitxsan language (ISO 639-3 code: git), a Tsimshianic language of northwestern British Columbia, Canada, Science and technology: Git (software), a distributed version control system, Gastrointestinal tract, the digestive system in humans and most animals, Geographic information technology, or geoinformatics, Geometric invariant theory, a topic in algebraic geometry, Toponymes (places): Git, Iran, a village in Iran, Gits, Belgium, a village in Hooglede, West Flanders, Geita Airport, Tanzania (IATA airport code: GIT); see List of airports by IATA code, Proper names: Entertainment: G.I.T. on Broadway, a 1969 live television special, Feathers in the Wind, (깃, pronounced and sometimes transliterated as Git), a 2005 South Korean film, Ghost in the Shell, Japanese cyberpunk franchise, Music: Git (album), by Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys, G.I.T.: Get It Together, a 1973 album by The Jackson 5, The Gits, a post punk band, Organizations: Gebze Institute of Technology, a technical university in Turkey, Georgia Institute of Technology, an American public research university, Graphic Imaging Technology, a American digital archiving company, Guitar Institute of Technology, former name of the Musicians Institute, a music school in California, US

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