Originally intended as a project of musicians who got together for the sake of covering Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello and Gram Parsons, Golden Rough debuted in 1995 without taking themselves too seriously. But after their first EP It's a Heck of a Machine released that same year, Golden Rough became more of a band as the covers were slowly put to rest. With a hint of country to egg on their upbeat pop of acoustical driver guitars, Summershine Records packaged this sound of Golden Rough's first full-length Twin Firs in 1998. With the line-up finally settled after the Twin Firs release, Dave Orwell (vocals/ guitar), Helen Meany (bass/ vocals), Jason Walker (guitar), Brian Crouch (piano) and Graeme Trewin (drums) toured their native Australia in support of it. Goldnen Rough's follow-up album This Sad Paradise came out a year later on Candle Records. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi