Southern Rock
Greasy Grapes is a rock & roll band formed in 2006 by Antonio Romero (guitar), Leo Laya (vocals), Alberto Márquez (bass) and Rafael Márquez (drums) in Caracas and mostly influenced by Southern Rock bands from the Deep South of the US. They have been labeled by Al Borde, a leading cutting edge Latin Alternative media company in United States as "Southern Rock bastard seeds planted at Caribbean shores". History: Their work is deeply influenced by American traditional music and through the years they have archived the respect of legendary southern rock musicians like Henry Paul (The Outlaws) and Barry Dunaway (Pat Travers, Yngwie Malmsteen, Foghat). After years of touring in their native Venezuela they received an invitation to participate at the CBGB Fest 2013 in NYC as the only southern rock band in the festival lineup in spite of not being Americans and where they shared the stage with renowned artist like Ginger Baker (Cream), Lisa Loeb, Jakob Dylan, My Morning Jacket among many others, which finally resulted in its relocation to the US. Greasy Grapes has released three albums in a totally independent fashion Lengua Madre EP (2013), Headed South (2012) and At the Back of the Hill (2009). All three album are deeply rooted in a vintage vibe and an eclectic blend of rock, soul, blues and country sounds. They have worked with Grammy Awarded and Grammy nominee artists like Bob Katz, Erik Aldrey and Mauricio Arcas a.k.a. Maurimix from Los Amigos Invisibles. Since the release of their debut album "At the Back of the Hill" in 2009 Greasy Grapes has captivated the attention of fans as genuine performers of the Southern Rock genre not only in their native Venezuela but in places like United States, Japan, Italy, and Germany Members: Antonio Romero (guitar), Leo Laya (vocals), Alberto Márquez (bass), Rafael Márquez (drums), Former members: José Miguel Bermudez (lead_vocalist), Luifer Guirados (guitar), Jesús Dávila (drums)

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