The Grievous Angels are an alternative country band from Tempe, AZ, that recorded albums for Bloodshot Records. Like the Old 97's, Grievous blends country, rock, and bluegrass into a hard-driving, frenetic sound. At concerts they'll play the Sex Pistols' "Bodies," yet they also have a more acoustic alter ego band called Ned Beatty and the Inbreds that plays bluegrass and folk.

The band was named after Gram Parsons' 1973 seminal country-rock album Grievous Angel. Earl C. Whitehead (aka Russell Sepulveda) fronts the group, singing lead, playing acoustic guitar, and writing many of the band's songs. Dan Henzerling co-produced the band's 1998 album, Miles on the Rail, and plays guitar and sings. He worked with Robin Wilson in some bands in the '80s, including the Gin Blossoms for a short time in 1988. Micky Ferrell played in Los Angeles for years before joining the Grievous Angels on bass, and Jesus H. Navarro plays drums. Jon Rauhouse is the newest member, playing everything from steel, banjo, and mandolin to Hawaiian guitar. The band released its debut album, Angels and Inbreds, on Bloodshot Records in 1995, followed by New City of Sin in 1997 and Miles on the Rail in 1998. ~ Brian Wahlert, Rovi