"HalleyAnna takes a subtle approach to blowing people away with her music." - Lloyd Maines

HalleyAnna’s a singular soul wise beyond her years, and her compelling sophomore full-length album,HalleyAnna, captures that soul, pairing youthful edge and energy with a seasoned songwriter’s lyrical elegance.

HalleyAnna’s deep Lone Star State roots wrap around each texture and phrase of every song. “I grew up listening to people who play music in Texas,” says the 26-year-old, who learned the ropes in her family-owned legendary San Marcos singer-songwriter listening room, the Cheatham Street Warehouse. Cheatham Street was the birthplace for kindred spirits Terri Hendrix, Bruce Robison, Todd Snider and a host of others. HalleyAnna adds, “Today, I really love the traditional stuff that’s going on in East Nashville and here in Austin.”

HalleyAnna carries forward the spirit that has been embodied at Cheatham Street for decades: She writes, in the Townes Van Zandt tradition, simply "for the sake of the song." Her artistic purity consistently turns heads among audiences and veteran songwriters alike. “Hearing HalleyAnna always makes me happy,” celebrated Austin-based songwriter Walt Wilkins says enthusiastically. “Every song she writes or sings is great, and her voice really, really sends me and reminds me of so many of the great records I loved growing up. She’s like sunshine in a beautiful package.”

Her words tumble forth as naturally as her hometown San Marcos River flows over smooth rocks; her thought-provoking lyrics stretch the listener's imagination, like the river caresses its banks, and her stories will take you on tangents, as effortlessly as the river winds down to the sea. There's no question - HalleyAnna will become a treasured gem in your music collection. Discover HalleyAnna today, and you will be a fan for life.