Hartford & Hartford is a bluegrass album by John Hartford and his son, Jamie Hartford, released in 1991 (see 1991 in music). Track listing: "Love Grown Cold" (Johnny Bond) - 2:55, "Run Little Rabbit" (David Akeman) - 1:34, "Killing Floor" (Howlin' Wolf) - 3:00, "When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland" (A. P. Carter) - 4:30, "New Love" (John Hartford) - 2:56, "Sweet Sunny South" - 4:43, "Painful Memories" (Jamie Hartford) - 2:48, "Nobody's Darling But Mine" (Jimmie Davis) - 3:14, "Put All Your Troubles Away" (John Hartford) - 2:04, "I Know You Don't Love Me No More" (John Hartford, Benny Martin, Jeannie Seely) - 3:10, "She's Still Gonna Break Your Heart" (Jamie Hartford) - 1:54, Personnel: John Hartford - fiddle, banjo, vocals, Jamie Hartford - vocals, mandolin, Mark Howard - guitar, Roy Huskey, Jr. - bass, Kenny Malone - percussion, Production notes: Jack Clement - executive producer, John Hartford - producer, lettering, art direction, Mark Howard - producer, engineer, mixing, Dave Ferguson - engineer, Denny Purcell - mastering

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