Alternative Country
"A classic band in the making"
- Hour

"This is, simply, a gorgeous album: mellow yet complex, as rich as the best of Neil Young. Harvest Breed is a band in their prime."

- Joseph Boyden, Bestselling author of "Three Day Road" and "Through Black Spruce"

Harkening back to a time where albums were more than a computer playlist of MP3s, when music could still move masses, break hearts, open minds, and change the world, Harvest Breed 's songs bridge the gap between the warm and fuzzy iconic records of the 70's, and the consuming quest for lyrical perfection which permeates the work of contemporary poetry luminaries.

Recorded by Grammy-winner Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire), Everything Changes evokes classic albums by Grateful Dead, Townes Van Zandt, The Band, Neil Young and the Flying Burrito Brothers. It is at once invigorating and oddly familiar, like stumbling upon a long-lost friend in the middle of a foreign city, like the first snowfall of the year.