Cajun singer and songwriter Helen Boudreaux is a survivor. Although she experienced three failed marriages and was severly abused during two of them, Boudreaux continues to find solace in her music. "I keep bouncing up, " she said by telephone. "I have eight children and twenty-three grandchildren. I've been very fortunate. Music has given me the courage to keep going."

Singing with local Cajun and Country bands in Louisiana's French Triangle for years, Boudreaux didn't record her first album until a friend persuaded her to record "For All My Family" in 1991. Signing a two-album contract with Cajun record label, Swallow, Boudreaux produced "Une Deuxieme Chanson" in 1995 and "Truck Driving Cajun Mama" two years later.

Boudreaux recently completed an autobiography, appropriately titled "Cajun Survivor". ~ Craig Harris, Rovi