Herbs are a multi-cultural New Zealand reggae vocal group which had Samoans, Tongans, Cook Islanders and Maori in the band. 11th inductee into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, they formed in 1979, and were once described as "New Zealand's most soulful, heartfelt and consistent contemporary musical voice". It has been said their debut EP Whats' Be Happen? "set a standard for Pacific reggae which has arguably never been surpassed". Politics: The band has always been political, with links to the Polynesian Panthers and the cover of Whats' Be Happen (released during the 1981 Springbok tour) being an aerial photo of police action at Bastion Point in 1978. As well as race relations, the band took a strong stance on nuclear weapons in the pacific with "French Letter". History: Herbs produced a stream of reggae hits with some of the country's top talent. In the 1980s and the first half of the '90s, Herbs had 10 top 20 singles hits. Herbs also worked alongside UB40,Taj Mahal, Tina Turner, Neil Young, George Benson and Stevie Wonder. Though upbeat, Herbs' music is clear in its messages. Their 1982 New Zealand hit "French Letter", which spent 11 weeks on the charts, came to express New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance. Fourteen years later, it was re-recorded to garner support for the prevention of nuclear testing at Mururoa. Similarly, "No Nukes (The Second Letter)", "Nuclear Waste" and "Light of the Pacific" expressed much the same sentiment. Herbs' third release and first full album Long Ago, which featured the 1984 single of the same name, was produced by well-known New Zealand bass player Billy Kristian. In 1986, former Be-Bop Deluxe bassist/vocalist Charlie Tumahai joined the group, having been a session musician for various international acts. In 1986, "Slice of Heaven" with Dave Dobbyn reached number one on both the New Zealand and Australian charts. In 1989, Tim Finn joined them for "Parihaka" and, in 1992, Annie Crummer fronted the hit single "See What Love Can Do". Around this time the band forged into producing, providing instrumentation for Samoan singing sensation, John Parker. The album titled Another Girl produced a local hit, a reggae-funk inspired cover of the maori folk song "E Papa". In 1989, the band was assisted by Eagles member Joe Walsh, who produced, played slide guitar and sung on the band's Homegrown album, which featured a cover of "Walk Away Renee", originally recorded by The Left Banke. Walsh announced he had joined Herbs, but the union lasted less than a year. They also provided two songs to the 1990 film, The Shrimp on the Barbie: A cover of the Peggy Lee song "Mañana (Is Good Enough for Me)" and "Listen". Herbs are considered pioneers of the Pacific reggae sound, having paved the way for contemporary New Zealand reggae groups such as Fat Freddy's Drop, Katchafire and Trinity Roots. Although their last album of new material was released in 1990, Herbs still perform in New Zealand and Australia, with guitarist Dilworth Karaka the last remaining member of the original line-up that released Whats' Be Happen? in 1981. Of the 2013 line-up, Karaka, keyboardist Tama Lundon (joined 1983) and percussionist Thom Nepia (joined 1985) remain from the band's late 1980s commercial peak. "Homegrown" is featured on the soundtrack of Once Were Warriors. Herbs lineups: Member Whats' Be Happen?, (1981) Light of the Pacific, (1982) Long Ago, (1984) Sensitive to a Smile, (1987) Homegrown, (1990) "Till We Kissed", (1993) Current, line-up Dilworth Karaka, guitar/vocals Spencer Fusimalohi, lead guitar/vocals Fred Faleauto, drums/vocals Phil Toms, bass Toni Fonoti, vocals/percussion Jack Allen, bass Morrie Watene, sax/vocals Carl Perkins, percussion Tama Lundon, keyboards/vocals Willie Hona, guitar/vocals Charlie Tumahai, bass/vocals Thom Nepia, percussion/vocals Gordon Joll, drums/vocals Joe Walsh, guitar/vocals Tama Renata, vocals and guitar Walter Bianco, saxophone/flute Leyton Greening, drums Kaitapu Monga, Other former members Dave Pou - bass guitar, John Berkley - bass guitar, Alan Foulkes - percussion, Kristen Hapi - drums, Juanito Muzzio - percussion, Grant Pukeroa - vocals/drums, Max Hohepa - vocals/bass guitar, Lionel Nelson - vocals, Ned Webster - drums, Ryan Monga - drums, Past members: Toni Fonoti - vocals/percussion, Spencer Fusimalohi - vocals/guitar, Fred Faleauto (deceased) - vocals/drums, Dave Pou - bass guitar, John Berkley - bass guitar, Phil Toms - vocals/bass guitar, Morrie Watene - vocals/saxophone, Alan Foulkes - percussion, Carl Perkins - vocals/percussion, Jack Allen - vocals/bass guitar, Willie Hona - vocals/guitar, Charlie Tumahai (deceased) - vocals/bass guitar, Gordon Joll - drums, Joe Walsh - vocals/guitar, Kristen Hapi - drums, Juanito Muzzio - percussion, Grant Pukeroa - vocals/drums, Max Hohepa - vocals/bass guitar, Lionel Nelson - vocals, Ned Webster - drums, Ryan Monga - drums

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