Fake Four Inc. is an independent record label based in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded by Ceschi and David Ramos in 2008. According to an interview with Ceschi on Ugsmag.com, the Ramos brothers started Fake Four Inc. with help from Grimm Image Records in San Bernardino, California and Squids Eye Recording Collective in Dayton, Ohio as an outlet to release and distribute their personal music projects and those of their friends. Since the initial release This Up Here by David Ramos, Fake Four Inc. has been an entirely self-sufficient label. Style: Although Fake Four Inc. does not adhere to genre specifications, it is closely tied to the experimental indie hip hop sound associated with labels such as Definitive Jux, Anticon and Rhymesayers Entertainment and indie rock. Brett Uddenberg of URB praised the label for pushing the boundaries of indie rap. Chris Faraone of The Phoenix wrote "Fake Four is the most important label in progressive hip-hop right now." History: The first full-length release on Fake Four Inc. came with This Up Here by David Ramos on May 20, 2008. It is an album by co-founder of the label and Modern Drummer magazine's Top 10 Progressive drummers. The album received praise from publications such as Tiny Mix Tapes,XLR8R among others. In 2009, Fake Four Inc. signed an exclusive distribution deal with Redeye Distribution joining labels such as Kill Rock Stars, Ninja Tune, Thrill Jockey, Warp Records among others. In 2010, Fake Four Inc. became official label partners with Circle Into Square in Portland, Oregon and took on production and distribution duties for the smaller like-minded label. Fake Four Inc. is exclusively distributed by Sonic Unyon in Canada and Redeye Distribution worldwide. Fake Four Inc. has released the albums by Astronautalis, Blue Sky Black Death, Boy in Static, Busdriver, Electric President, K-the-I???, Myka 9, Noah23 among many others. Nearly all releases on the label have placed on CMJ charts, including Vessel by Dark Time Sunshine on #2 CMJ Hip Hop ranking and Lawson Graham by Factor and Owl Hours by Awol One & Factor on #3 CMJ Hip Hop showings. Fake Four Inc. is also known for their intra-label collaborations and extensive self-booked touring. The label has sponsored and promoted tours of the United States, Canada and Europe. Ceschi's imprisonment: In September 2013, Ceschi started an 18-month sentence stemming from a controversial marijuana charge. His brother David, who is currently at the helm of the record label, described the situation: After his family was threatened and he was forced to give a coached statement to Police in 2010 he ended up going to court for years. In the end he has taken a reasonable plea bargain compared to the 5-7 years he was facing. Right now the stability of Fake Four is being threatened by Ceschi's situation & the exorbitant amount of debt that has been accumulated due to legal fees. A website for donations has been set up to help Ceschi. Roster: Astronautalis, Awol One, Bike for Three!, Bleubird, Blue Sky Black Death, Boy in Static, Busdriver, Cars & Trains, Ceschi, Child Actor, Common Grackle, Dark Time Sunshine, David Ramos, Delby L, Electric President, Factor, Green Carpeted Stairs, Gregory Pepper & His Problems, Hired Hand, K-the-I, Lord Fowl, Louis Logic, Mad Gregs, Mic King & Chum, Moodie Black, Myka 9, Nathaniel Motte, Noah23, Onry Ozzborn, Open Mike Eagle, Paranoid Castle, Penny, Pretend You're Happy, Ron Contour, Sadistik, Sister Crayon, Sixo, Sole and the Skyrider Band

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