Contemporary Bluegrass
the same person - a new name : former singer- song writer Hoople Jam is now Jabba Moose. romanian born, in Constanta , by the real name Iulian Giani Rusu,
started guitar at the age of 9 , and decided that cover versions aren’t good enough for a good learning, so quit guitar classes and gone on his own after seeing an older friend playing original songs.
In highschool had a rock trio called ” motorock ” , played at a different highschools reunions, then started working in Constanta harbour , fed up with the teenie dreamy environment.
quit the band and continued writing songs for an indefinite future playing.
after the age of 22 toured the Budapest (Hungary) clubs ( Piaf , Crazy Caffe , Souterrain, Paris Texas , Made in World Center pub ) meanwhile working at the “Kelety” railway station and in constructions for a few years, played only with session blues and rock musicians .
Balogh Tibor ( piano , harp , vocals ), Nagy Adam ( best blues guitar player ever in central Europe and I’m not joking ), Phil Meads ( vocals - casino pitboss who brought his british and american coleagues each and every tuesday to listen ), and a lot more who came to play for fun and left surprised for getting payed in the end.
in 2005 released the album Splashtrax under the name Hoople Jam , with the help of two romanian session musicians , Mircea Criveanu - drums and Claudiu Gorbanescu - electric guitar, bass , Claudiu also arranged the album. in january 2010 changed the stage name into Jabba Moose
In Constanta City , Romania where he actually lives, he played only in two clubs : Phoenix and Doors for a few months meanwhile having contracts as a graphic designer with a few packaging companies and struggling to put up his own industrial graphics and packaging company , which is finally succesfull in december 2010 .
The Splashtrax album cover is representing an old photo made with the first band at the age of 16 . In the photo one can see Iulian Rusu screaming for the camera and Claudiu Gorbanescu trying to look tough but not really succeding. Thanks over the years to Lucian Dicu for a great photo . I felt the need to connect the first album with the first band .
Since august 2012 started the two new albums in the making ’ Wild Crops ’ / ` Raw Hearted In The Nude `presentation in Vienna , Austria , touring clubs. Duffy’s Inn, Louvre, Louisiana Blues Pub, Luftbad, The Little, New York In The City, El Speta, Alter Ego .