Jack Murphy may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Sports, 3 Others, 4 See also, Politics: Jack Murphy (Irish politician) (1920-1984), Irish republican and independent politician, Jack M. Murphy (1925-1984), Republican Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, Jack Murphy (Communist) (1888-1965), British Communist Party foundation member, Jack Murphy (Georgia politician), state senator from Georgia (U.S. state), Sports: Jack Murphy (footballer) (born 1918), retired Australian Rules footballer, Jack Murphy (sportswriter) (1923-1980), American sportswriter and brother of announcer Bob Murphy, Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California, which was named for the sportswriter and has since changed names, currently known as Qualcomm Stadium, John Murphy (American football coach), aka "Jack" Murphy, American football player and coach, Jack Murphy (basketball) (born 1979), American basketball coach, Others: Jack Roland Murphy (born 1938), aka Murph the Surf, American convicted robber and murderer

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