Jake Mathews (born Jacques Lagrandeur born March 14, 1971 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) is a country music singer, songwriter and performer. Career: Jake's self-titled debut CD (Jake Mathews) garnered six nationally charted hits: "I'll Do You One Better," "Try Again Tomorrow," "That's How Long," "Rush," "I'm Gone" and "There Ain't No Such Thing." His second CD, Time After Time, released in 2004, was voted Best Album by Country Music News. Singles released from the album include the title track, "Signs of You Everywhere," "Kings For A Day" and "Arizona On My Mind." Although he is the younger brother of Gil Grand, he has established a music career in his own right. In 2006, Jake and Gil joined forces for "Raise the Roof," a tour that took them from B.C. to Ontario, raising awareness of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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