James Bailey may refer to: James Bailey (basketball) (born 1957), National Basketball Association player, James Bailey (executive), former executive of Thinking Machines and the author of the book After Thought, James Bailey (footballer) (born 1988), English footballer, James Bailey (rugby union) (born 1983), English rugby union footballer for Gloucester RFC, James Bailey (classical scholar) (died 1864), English schoolmaster, James Bailey (British politician) (1840-1910), British Conservative Party politician, MP 1895-1906, James Bailey (US politician) (1801-1880), former Mayor of Houston, Texas, James Bailey (veterinarian), veterinary anesthesiologist who has appeared on the Animal Planet shows Emergency Vets and E-Vet Interns, James Anthony Bailey (1847-1906), co-founder of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, James E. Bailey (1822-1885), United States Senator from Tennessee, James E. Bailey (Medal of Honor) recipient during the Indian Wars, James R. A. Bailey (1919-2000), founder and original editor of Drum magazine, James Thomas Bailey, founder of ComedySportz Los Angeles, James Bailey (author), American author and TV actor, J. O. Bailey (1903-1979), professor of literature, James Montgomery Bailey (1841-1894), American journalist, James "Herr Big Daddy" Bailey (1985-1986), fictional character in the comic book "The Adventures of Jack Ransom", Jay Bailey (James E. Bailey, 1944-2001), American biochemical engineer and pioneer of metabolic engineering

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