James Clark may refer to: James Clark (British diplomat) (born 1963), Ambassador from the United Kingdom to Luxembourg, James Clark (Kentucky) (1779-1839), Governor of Kentucky, 1836-1839, James Clark (businessman) (1833-1898), Mayor of Auckland, James Clark (Ontario politician), Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, 1939-1943, James Clark (artist) (1858-1943), provincial English painter, James Clark, radio presenter on KCFM (FM), James Clark (programmer) (born 1964), author of groff and expat, who has done much work with open software and XML, Sir James Clark, 1st Baronet (1788-1870), royal physician to Queen Victoria, James Clark (athlete), marathon runner, James Clark (criminal), Depression-era criminal and bank robber also known as "Oklahoma Jack", James Clark (rower) (born 1949), British rower, James Clark (shinty) (born 1973), shinty player from Invergarry, Scotland, James Clark (Pennsylvania politician), Pennsylvania politician, James Clark (college president) (1812-1892), President of Washington College, James Clark (Texas politician), see Texas Senate, District 31, James Clark (water polo) (born 1991), water polo, A. James Clark, construction company executive and philanthropist, James A. Clark, Jr. (1918-2006), former president of the Maryland State Senate, James B. Clark (director) (1908-2000), American film director, film editor, and television director, Champ Clark (James Beauchamp Clark, 1850-1921), Speaker of the US House of Representatives, 1911-1919, James Lenox-Conyngham Chichester-Clark (1884-1933), unionist MP, James Chichester-Clark (1923-2002), prime minister of Northern Ireland, 1969-1971, James H. Clark (born 1944), Internet entrepreneur, founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, WebMD, Healtheon, and myCFO, James Johnston Clark (1809-1891), unionist MP for County Londonderry, James L. Clark (1883-1969), natural history scientist, James Lee Clark (1968-2007), convicted killer who was executed by the state of Texas, James B. Clark, Jr. (1957-1996), convicted killer who was executed by the state of Delaware, James West Clark (1779-1843), Congressman from North Carolina, James S. Clark (1921-2000), politician in the Senate of Alabama, Jim or Jimmy Clark may refer to: Jim Clark (1936-1968), Scottish Formula one world drivers' champion in the 1960s, Jim Clark (film editor) (born 1931), Oscar-winning editor of The Killing Fields, Jim Clark (American football) (1929-2000), American football player, Jim Clark (sheriff) (1922-2007), Dallas County, Alabama sheriff who was opposed by civil rights activists, Jim Clark (1910s outfielder) (1887-1969), American baseball outfielder, Jim Clark (infielder) (1927-1990), American baseball infielder, Jim Clark (1970s outfielder) (born 1947), American baseball outfielder, Jim Clark (Alaska) (born 1943), former chief of staff to Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, Jim Clark (criminal) (1902-1974), American bank robber and Depression-era outlaw, Jim Clark (footballer) (born 1925), former Australian rules footballer in the Victorian Football League, Jim Clark (Scottish footballer), Scottish footballer, Jimmy Clark (golfer) (born c. 1922), American professional golfer, Jimmy Clark (rugby union), Australian national rugby union team captain, Jimmy Clark (tap dancer), member of the tap dancing duo The Clark Brothers, Jimmy Clark (boxer) (1914-1994), American Olympic boxer

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