James Ferguson may refer to: James Ferguson (minister) (1621-1667), Scottish minister, James Ferguson (1st Laird of Pitfour) (1672-1734), James Ferguson (Lord Pitfour) (1700-1777), James Ferguson (major-general) (died 1705), Scottish major-general, James Ferguson (Scottish astronomer) (1710-1776), Scottish astronomer and instrument maker, James Ferguson (Scottish politician) (1735-1820), Scottish Tory politician, James Ferguson (American astronomer) (1797-1867), American astronomer and engineer, James Frederic Ferguson (1807-1855), Irish antiquarian, James E. Ferguson (1871-1944), Governor of Texas, James Ferguson (general) (1913-2000), U.S. Air Force general, James Ferguson (Canadian politician) (1925-2013), Canadian politician from Manitoba, Jimmy Ferguson (1940-1997), Irish-Canadian musician, early member of The Irish Rovers, Jimmy Ferguson (footballer) (born 1935), Scottish football goalkeeper, Jim Ferguson (James Edwin Ferguson, born 1948, Ohio), American guitarist, composer, author, educator, and music journalist, James Ferguson (water polo) (born 1949), American water polo player, James Ferguson, passenger on British Airways Flight 9, Jim Ferguson, American guitarist, past member of Lotion, James Ferguson (anthropologist), American anthropologist, James Burne Ferguson, New Zealand politician, Jim Ferguson, American movie critic, Board of Directors member for the Broadcast Film Critics Association, Jim Ferguson (public servant), Australian diplomat and public servant.

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