James (or Jamie, Jim, Jimmy) Roberts may refer to: James Roberts (footballer, born 1878) (1878-?), Bradford City A.F.C. and Wales international footballer, James Roberts (footballer, born 1891), Wrexham A.F.C. and Wales international footballer, James Roberts (footballer, born 1996), Oxford United F.C. footballer, James Roberts (ice hockey) (born 1978), British ice hockey player, James Roberts (politician), Queensland politician of 1920s, James Roberts (trade unionist) (1878-1967), New Zealand trade unionist and member of the New Zealand Legislative Council, James Roberts (slave narrative) (1753-?), American slave, James A. Roberts (1847-1922), American lawyer and politician, James E. Roberts (1930-2006), American engineer, James J. Roberts (born 1947), American journalist and poet, James Reynolds Roberts (1826-1859), English recipient of the Victoria Cross, Jamie Roberts (born 1986), rugby union player, Jim Roberts, singer/songwriter/lyricist in 1960s and 1970s, member of Seatrain, Jim Roberts (architect) (born 1922), British architect, Jim Roberts (baseball) (1895-1984), former MLB player, Jim Roberts (ice hockey, born 1940), retired NHL player for Montreal and St. Louis, Jim Roberts (ice hockey, born 1956), retired NHL player for Minnesota, Jimmy Roberts (born 1957), sports broadcaster for NBC, Jimmy Roberts (composer), composer of the musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Jimmy Roberts (singer) (1924-1999), American singer, featured on the Lawrence Welk Show, Jimmy Jack McBee Roberts (born 1939), American theologian, Jimmie T. Roberts (born 1939), founder of The Brethren cult, J. O. M. Roberts (1916-1997), British mountaineer and explorer, James Alan Roberts, former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan, James Thomas Roberts (1871-1956), Sierra Leonean reverend and educationalist, James Roberts (football and futsal) (born 1948), Australian footballer and national futsal coach, James Roberts (printer), English printer, James Roberts (rugby league) (born 1993), rugby league footballer for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, James Roberts (swimmer) (born 1991), Australian swimmer, James C. Roberts, President of the American Studies Center, James Roberts (cricketer) (1864-1911), English cricketer

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