This is a list of characters from the Canadian teen-drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation, titled Degrassi from the tenth season onwards. Degrassi airs on MTV Canada (previously aired on MuchMusic and CTV) in Canada, and TeenNick (formerly known as The N) in the United States. These lists are in alphabetical order by first name, see also List of Degrassi: The Next Generation characters by last name. Contents 1 Regulars 1.1 Students, 1.2 Teachers and other adults, , 2 Minor characters 2.1 Students, 2.2 Parents, teachers, and other minor characters, , 3 References, Regulars: The following actors have all been given star billing, and have appeared in the opening sequence of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Regulars are characters who have appeared in the opening sequence of Degrassi: The Next Generation, in any given season. The various plot arcs revolve around them. As of Season 13, actors are only credited as regulars in the episodes they appear in., Recurring characters are characters who do not appear in the opening sequence, but still play a major role in a plot arc., A guest appearance by a character means they were starring in no more than two episodes., Students: Name Actor Seasons featured Adam Torres Jordan Todosey 10-13 (regular) Born Grace ("Gracie"), Adam is a female to male transgender teenager; Adam is Drew's younger brother. He comes out to and becomes close friends with Clare and Eli. After being outed by Bianca, Adam becomes a target for verbal and physical bullying. Overwhelmed with pressures from his family and peers, Adam briefly detransitions to Gracie, but resorts to burning himself to cope with his gender dysphoria. Adam dates Fiona for a time, but realizes that Fiona really just wanted to be with a girl. He becomes a radio co-host with Dave for Degrassi Radio. He was accidentally shot at prom when Vince tried to shoot Drew. Adam was mistaken for a gay guy and got set up on a blind date with Tristan. After a rocky start with Becky, they become friends and then a couple. He was involved in a car accident after texting Becky while driving. He later dies in the hospital due to severe injuries that couldn't be repaired in time. Credited as a regular only in the first 7 episodes of Season 13., Alexandra "Alex" Nuñez Deanna Casaluce 3-4 (recurring); 5-6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance) Alex was originally a poor, violent, outcast who came from an awful home life. She was considered a tough female at Degrassi who hung out with Sean and Jay. Her exterior softened as she befriended Ellie, Marco, and others. She eventually had a rocky lesbian relationship with Paige in Season 5. Although graduating with the class of 2006, she goes back to Degrassi to receive more credits. She becomes a stripper to prevent her family from being evicted. Her mom uses the money to bail her boyfriend out of jail (who caused the impending eviction). She eventually gives up stripping for Paige and for herself. She rooms with Paige, Marco, and Ellie for a time, but Paige kicks her out after almost ruining her fashion internship. She is last seen going to stay with a cousin. Alliah "Alli" Bhandari Melinda Shankar 8-present (regular) Alli is Sav's younger sister and Clare Edwards' best friend. She rebels against her conservative Muslim upbringing. In her many attempts to be popular, she develops a crush on Johnny. Because she's in the 9th grade, they date secretly until Holly J. blows their cover. She makes an online group "I Hate Holly J." that gets her in trouble with her parents and the police. She loses her virginity to Johnny, but later regretted it because she felt she wasn't ready for sex. They break up after Johnny sends a nude picture of Alli to Bruce. Alli develops a relationship with Drew, but it ends after he cheats on her with Bianca. After her parents see her disciplinary file at school and become enraged about what she has done, she decides all her problems are because of boys, and transfers to an all-girls school. After an argument with Sav, Alli runs away. She doesn't make it on her own, and returns home and to Degrassi. She develops a gambling problem while getting into a relationship with Dave. After Dave cheats on her during the summer, Alli kisses Clare's boyfriend Jake. Clare and Alli's friendship ends, until Clare needs her help to write the school paper. She later goes through a pregnancy scare with Dave. She receives early acceptance to MIT, but must only focus on her studies in order to graduate early. She grows closer to Dallas and decides to stay at Degrassi for her senior year due to the stress. During the summer, she falls in love with a parisian named Leo, who turns out to be abusive. Anya MacPherson Samantha Munro 6 (guest appearance); 7 (recurring); 8-11 (regular) Anya was Holly J.'s best friend and often subject to her bossiness and criticism until she gets fed up. She has an on-and-off relationship with Sav, mostly due to his family's beliefs. She develops a hobby for LARPing. During a spring formal at Degrassi, she convinces Sav to have sex in the limo to keep him away from his arranged wife. She lies to him about being on the pill resulting in her needing to take the "Day After pill." She befriends Riley and is the second person he comes out to; she encourages him to ask out Zane. Holly J. convinces her to fake a pregnancy to drop Sav out of the presidential election, but the plan backfires when she and Sav use the pregnancy to increase Sav's votes. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer in Season 10. She tries to date her mother's doctor, but her feelings are unrequited after he learns she is only 17. She gets rejected by the only college (Toronto University) she applies to and, out of grief, has a one-night stand with Owen. It later turns into a relationship. To deal with her problems, she briefly develops a cocaine addiction which has a negative effect on her relationship and potential career plans. She graduates from Degrassi and enlists in the military. The character had not been created yet, but the actress made an appearance during Season 6., Only appears in the first half of Season 11., Ashley Kerwin Melissa McIntyre 1-4 (regular); 5 (guest appearance); 6-7 (recurring) Ashley is Toby's step-sister. She was popular and at the top of her classes until she took ecstasy and damaged her relationship with Jimmy and most of her friends. She goes goth and rekindles her relationship with Jimmy in Season 2, but breaks up with him when she realizes he doesn't like her new style. She dates Craig until he cheats on her with Manny in Season 3. She later becomes cordial with Craig and joins his band, Downtown Sasquatch, until she is kicked out by Spinner and Marco. Craig and Ashley eventually rekindle their relationship. Craig proposes to her, but she refuses resulting in the discovery of his bipolar disorder in Season 4. She moves to England to work with her dad in the summer. She breaks up with Craig via email when she meets a guy named Allister. She returns to Degrassi in Season 6 to finish school. She rekindles her relationship with Jimmy. Her music almost gets discovered, but her talent is hidden when Jimmy's is spotlighted, resulting in their ultimate break up. She goes on a road trip with Emma, Manny, and Liberty to Smithdale University for the Purple Dragon concert. She sees Craig performing at the concert and leaves school to tour with him in Europe. Becky Baker Sarah Fisher 12-present (regular) Becky is an enthusiastic and conservative Christian with a passion for the theater. Becky and Eli are paired together to write a play, but when Eli changes "Romeo and Juliet" to "Romeo and Jules" she quits. She protests the play, but becomes accepting of Tristan and Adam. Becky enters a relationship with Adam, to the disagreement of her parents. She and Adam grow apart when he becomes jealous of her friendship with a guy back in Florida while she gets jealous of his friendship with Imogen. After Adam's death, she becomes racked with guilt and throws a bonfire for his friends. She still doesn't know Adam cheated on her with Imogen. She later investigates the rape of Zoe that occurs at Miles' party. She ultimately figures out that her brother, Luke, was involved in the rape and helps Zoe to turn him in. Bianca DeSousa Alicia Josipovic 10-13 (regular) Bianca was a bad girl and categorized as a slut around school. She has admitted to having a criminal record. She aggressively comes on to Drew, provoking jealousy from Alli. This culminates in Bianca giving Drew a blow job. She continues to pursue Drew and they start dating, to the chagrin of his mother. An ex-boyfriend, Anson, stalks her and attempts to rape her. Drew attempts to save her and is nearly beaten to death until Bianca kills Anson. Anson's gang leader, Vince, sends threats of payback to Drew and Bianca. Drew covers for Bianca killing Anson when he tells the police about the incident. Bianca is forced into a sexual relationship with Vince to ensure he won't harm Drew. Drew breaks up with Bianca claiming she causes too much drama. Later, Bianca improves her grades and attitude in school. Drew and Bianca eventually rekindle their relationship and get engaged. Drew's mother, Audra, crashes the elopement, but Audra accepts their relationship and convinces them to hold off the wedding. After she graduates from Degrassi, she leaves for university. She briefly returns to Canada to comfort Drew at his brother's funeral. On Thanksgiving, Bianca returns to visit and remorsefully break ups with Drew after realizing she wasn't the same person she was before she left and that she wanted to try new experiences without anything holding her back. Only credited as a regular in the episodes the character appears in during the first 16 episodes of Season 13., Blue Chessex Jordan Hudyma 8-9 (regular) Blue is a relaxed, artsy guy. Holly J. becomes interested in him when she was just interested in losing her virginity. Blue rejects her advances in favor of first getting to know her before they have sex. They break up, but get back together when he saves her life in a robbery at The Dot. During Season 9, he tries to change Holly J. which results in their ultimate breakup. He is last seen getting a girl's phone number at a school carnival. Bruce the Moose Natty Zavitz 7 (recurring); 8-9 (regular) A friend of Johnny and Derek's, he is the typical bully, and is on the football team. He makes fun of several students at Degrassi any chance he gets. He catches Dave pouring urine all over his locker and threatens to meet him after school the next day. Dave tries to make peace with Bruce and, although Bruce doesn't beat him up, he throws a water balloon filled with urine at him. Johnny starts to disassociate himself from Bruce, which initiates a conflict between them. Johnny refers to him as "Mr. Two Credits Shy." It is unclear if he graduated. Campbell "Cam" Saunders Dylan Everett 12 (regular) Cam was a gentle-nature kind of guy and the best player on the hockey team, the Ice Hounds. He develops feelings for Maya and they begin a relationship. He feels too pressured to perform at hockey which causes him to feel depressed. In one of his depressed moods, he jumps off the catwalk and breaks his arm. Cam goes through love triangle problems between him, Maya, and Zig. He fears that he could lose Maya to Zig so he acts out aggressively towards Zig. This causes more tension between him and Maya. They eventually make up and spends the night with Maya. Cam leaves a video message for Maya to meet him outside of Degrassi. While waiting for her, Zig calls him a "psycho" claims that if Cam loved Maya he would stay out of her life forever. Cam's depression is finally pushed too far. He sends Maya a text message saying, "I'm not coming. Sorry. It's over." Later that night, Cam commits suicide in the school greenhouse. His body was found the next morning by Eli. Credited as a regular for the first 32 episodes of the season., Chantay Black Jajube Mandiela 4-7 (recurring); 8-11 (regular) Chantay is the known gossip queen of Degrassi and member of the Power Squad. She is the writer of The Anti-Grape Vine Blog. She convinced Leia to break up with Danny, claiming that it would help their relationship, however she had feelings for Danny as well. She feels bad and tries to get them back together, but fails when Danny informs her he has feelings for her too. In Season 10, she becomes captain of the cheer squad. After Principal Simpson cancelled all school clubs as part of his crack down for the events of Casino Night, Chantay became one of the leading figures in convincing Principal Simpson to hold a forum to get the clubs back. She is last seen graduating from Degrassi and attending prom with her friends. She has had a longer time-span of recurring status before becoming a regular than any other character., Only appears in the first half of Season 11., Clare Edwards Aislinn Paul 6-7 (guest appearances); 8-present (regular) Clare is Darcy's younger sister and best friends with Alli. She used to attend private-school. She continued to wear her private school uniform at Degrassi. She later begins to change her looks, conservative, and stuck-up attitude. She develops a crush on K.C. and they date for a time. Principal Sheppard calls her a bitch for protesting against him after being rude to the gifted class. She stops wearing glasses after having laser eye surgery. She meets Eli and develops feelings when he helps to deal with her parents fighting and eventual divorce. After awhile she wanted a break from Eli because the relationship was suffocating her. He crashes his car in hopes that she will visit him in the hospital. When Clare figures out his motives, she calls him manipulative and ends their relationship. Clare becomes a reporter for the school newspaper. She begins a relationship with Jake, her mother's boyfriend's son. After their parents get married, they still continue a secret relationship. Jake later breaks up with Clare when she rushes into sex with him. She temporarily moves out into another home, where she witnesses cannabis production and social withdrawal. She gets a journalism internship. When her boss sexually harasses her, she loses her internship. She attempts to frame him with naked photos of herself, but has a change of heart. She and Eli were elected prom king and queen. Clare is diagnosed with cancer in Season 13, but is able to beat it. Eli later cheats on her with his roommate and editor. She breaks up with him and kisses Drew during Thanksgiving, but get back together later. Clare developed stronger feelings for Drew and breaks up with Eli again when she feels he's being distant. Connor Deslauriers A.J. Saudin 8-present (regular) Connor is the god-son to Archie "Snake" Simpson and Christine "Spike" Nelson. He has Asperger syndrome. He befriends K.C., Alli, and originally developed a crush on Clare. He starts the band, The Three Tenners, as a DJ for them. He becomes addicted to an online role-playing game and forms a relationship with a middle-aged woman whom he plays with. He starts to steal underwear from the female students and faculty at Degrassi which leads to him being suspended. He joins the football team and is teased by Mo and the other teammates. Connor counterattacks by creating a fake profile online to get back at Mo, only to realize that the damage destroyed Mo's confidence. The two then reconcile and become friends. He begins dating Jenna in Season 12. Craig Manning Jake Epstein 2-5 (regular); 6-7 (guest appearances); 8 (recurring) Craig is a ladies' man with a passion for music. He is Angie's half-brother. He was often abused by his father until he moves in with Joey, a used car salesman. He tries to rekindle his relationship with his father, until his father punches Craig outside of a restaurant after Craig refuses to move back in with him. He started dating Ashley in Season 2, but cheated on her with Manny and got her pregnant. He wanted to keep the baby, but Manny aborted it. He is the co-founder and lead singer of the band Downtown Sasquatch. He rekindles his relationship with Ashley and proposes to her, but she refuses resulting in the discovery of his bipolar disorder. They continue dating even after she left to England to work with her father. She breaks up with him via email after she meets a new guy named Allister. Ellie develops a crush on him, but he ignores her for his rekindled relationship with Manny. He moves out of Toronto in Season 5 to start this music career. It is revealed that he has a cocaine addiction when he returns in Season 6. He was seen performing at a Purple Dragon concert in Smithdale. Ashley leaves with him to tour Europe. In the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Ellie runs into him in Los Angeles. It is revealed that he has been in rehab and has a new girlfriend, much to the disappointment of Ellie who still has feelings for him. The two share a kiss at the end of the film at the airport. Mike "Dallas" Dallas Demetrius Joyette 12-present (regular) When he was 15 he had a kid with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. Dallas was the captain of the hockey team Ice Hounds. He lives in the Torres home. Dallas has a party attitude and harasses girls at Degrassi. He starts hanging out with Katie, but when she starts dating Jake he becomes jealous, and wrecks their garden. Dallas crashes Clare's birthday party and gets in a fight with Eli. He starts to show an interest in Alli and makes up with the people he has hurt while in Degrassi. He takes Cam's suicide really hard, believing it is his own fault and contemplates suicide on the roof of the school until Fiona talks him out of it. Throughout the summer, he comforts Drew when Adam dies. Later he deals with brief alcoholism and the effects of racial profiling. Damian Hayes Mazin Elsadig 6 (recurring); 7 (regular) Damian was Lakehurst's student council president until the school burned down. He hooks up with Manny Santos the night of J.T.'s death. He has a relationship with Emma Nelson in Season 7, but he develops an attraction to Liberty Van Zandt. He eventually cheats on Emma with Liberty and she dumps him. He graduates from Degrassi and attends college at Banting. Daniel "Danny" Van Zandt Dalmar Abuzeid 4-6 (recurring); 7-9 (regular) Danny is Liberty's younger brother. He is friends with J.T. and Derek. He gets into a fight in Season 7 when some Lakehurst students mock J.T.'s death. He is framed for shoplifting by Derek after he becomes close with a girl Derek had a crush on. He starts dating Mia in Season 8 until he finds out that she slept with a celebrity to further her modeling career. He starts dating Leia, who lies about her persona to impress him. He confronts her and tells her that he likes her for who she is. Chantay convinces Leia to break up with him claiming that it will improve their stale relationship, but Chantay has feelings for him as well. Chantay tries to get them back together, but he informs Chantay that he has feelings for her too. He is offended when Chantay refers to him as "another student" in her blog instead of "boyfriend." He also gets offended when another blog seemingly makes him out to be a cheapskate when he had Chantay pay her share of the bill. He graduates from Degrassi in Season 9 and attends college. Darcy Edwards Shenae Grimes 4-5 (recurring); 6-7 (regular); 8 (guest appearances) Darcy was a straight-laced Christian, was a member of the Friendship Club, and the leader of the Spirit Squad. She dates Spinner in Season 5 and helps to convert him into a born-again virgin. She posts risqué photos of herself online in Season 6 that attracts a 40-year-old man who tries to physically contact her. Spinner breaks up with her because of her hypocritical behavior. Afterwards, she develops a relationship with Peter. In Season 7, she is raped at a snowboarding party and contracts chlamydia. After the discovery, she tries to commit suicide and is put in counseling to deal with her issues. She accuses Archie Simpson of inappropriate behavior, which results in an investigation and his temporary suspension from Degrassi. Darcy eventually rebuilds her spirit and is forgiven by most of her friends. She moves to Kenya in Season 8 for a semester to build homes, leaving Peter behind. She often writes him and sends him gifts. It was said in "Fight the Power" she would return for the second semester (Season 9), but has not appeared., David "Dave" Turner Jahmil French 9-13 (regular) Dave is Chantay's cousin. His's main goal at Degrassi is to "rise to the top." Bruce catches him pouring urine all over his locker and threatens to meet him after school the next day. He tries to make peace with Bruce but, although Bruce doesn't beat him up, he throws a water balloon filled with urine at him. He is on the basketball team and makes a game-winning shot that makes him popular. He forms a band with Wesley and Connor, called "The Three Tenners", as lead vocals. He tries to suck up to the new media teacher, Miss Oh, but fails. He is initially embarrassed that his father is a police officer at the school. He dates a girl named Sadie for awhile, but still harbored feelings for Alli; which caused Sadie to break up with him. He develops a relationship with Alli, but he cheats on her with a girl named Jacinta over the summer. Dave wins Alli over again after a multitude of dates, but Jacinta comes to Degrassi during a Model UN convention. She attempts to ruin Dave's relationship because of her broken heart, but she gets hit by a passing car making Dave feel guilty. He is last seen comforting Drew after Adam's death. Was only credited as a regular in 1 episode for Season 13., Declan Coyne Landon Liboiron 9-10 (regular) Declan is Fiona's twin brother. He is rich and usually calm and conceited. He humiliates Peter at a party in his mansion that he invited Peter and Mia to, resulting in Peter getting addicted to crystal meth. He develops an attraction to Jane, resulting in Jane cheating on Spinner. Jane breaks up with him after Holly J. convinces her not to break Spinner's heart. Declan later develops an attraction to Holly J. and they eventually start dating. She tells him she loves him before they have sex; he doesn't reply. His mother announces that they are moving back to New York, much to his disappointment. He tries to convince his mother to stay and he finally tells Holly J. he loves her. He submits a video to a broadcasting network in New York for Holly J., who gladly accepts the internship offer. He is kissed on the lips by a drunk Fiona because of her not liking him spend all his time with Holly J and not with her. The following school year, he attends Vanderbilt Prep in New York. With a long-distance relationship with Holly J., he offers her money to remedy her financial woes, but she breaks up with him. He then shows up at Degrassi in hopes of rebuilding his relationship with Holly J. and ends up hooking up with her after his Fiona pretends to get drunk (without his knowing) and Holly J. agrees to help. He later finds out that Holly J. felt pressured into having sex. He is last seen returning to New York. In Season 11, Holly J. receives flowers from Declan when she is in the hospital. Although he is credited as a regular in Season 10, he only appears in 7 out of 44 episodes., Derek Haig Marc Donato 5-6 (recurring); 7-8 (regular) Derek is a class clown and occasional bully. It is revealed that he is adopted. He mocks Jimmy's basketball coaching because he felt a "cripple" can't teach anyone. He is best friends with Danny until he frames Danny for shoplifting after he becomes close with a girl Derek developed a crush on. He joins the football team in Season 8. He bullies teammate Jane because of her being female. He is last seen trying to rekindle his friendship with Danny. Andrew "Drew" Torres Luke Bilyk 10-present (regular) Drew is Adam's step-brother and son of Audra Torres. He transfers to Degrassi to help give Adam a fresh start. He tries out for the football team and becomes Riley's rival for quarterback. He blackmails Riley by threatening to out him. Drew is pursued by Alli for a relationship. He allows Bianca to perform oral sex on him while in a relationship with Alli, which results in their break-up. He starts to date Bianca, after realizing that no other girl wants to date him. Drew attacks Anson, Bianca's ex-boyfriend, who attempts to rape her. This leads to Bianca killing Anson when he gets the upper hand on Drew. Drew later turns himself in and files a restraining order on Vince, a gang member who threatens him. He breaks up with Bianca because she causes too much drama in his life. He is beaten up by a gang, and develops posttraumatic stress disorder. Later on he beats down Vince when he shows up at prom to take Bianca away. He convinces Bianca to turn Vince in with all the information she knows of his gang activities. Drew develops a relationship with Katie, but still harbors feelings for Bianca. During a house party, Drew has sex with Katie while in a drunken state. He eventually breaks up with Katie to be with Bianca. He drops out of Degrassi and moves in with Fiona. Getting a well paying job, he proposes to Bianca. The night before the elopement, he calls his mother and she crashes the wedding. Audra convinces them to hold off on the wedding. He is elected student council president. After Adam dies in a car accident, Drew shuts down and develops insomnia. Drew finally deals with Adam's death and starts pressuring a relationship with Clare after Bianca breaks up with him. Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy Munro Chambers 10-present (regular) Always seen wearing all black and driving a hearse, other Degrassi students believe he has an obsession with death. He develops feelings for Clare after they become partners in English class. He tries to stand up to Fitz's bullying of him and Adam. After becoming distant with Clare, he tells her how his ex-girlfriend died right after an argument they had. At Vegas Casino Night, Eli taints Fitz's drink causing him to vomit. Fitz then threatens Eli with a knife, resulting in Fitz being arrested. It's revealed that he is a hoarder. He becomes overprotective of Clare. After feeling smothered by Eli, she wants them to take a break and Eli crashes his hearse thinking that she would come back. However, she calls him manipulative and leaves him. He takes anti-anxiety pills, causing him to show no emotion toward their break up. He writes a play falsely based on his relationship with Clare, originally as bad, but then makes her the hero. Eli is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression. He becomes good friends with Fiona and starts a relationship with Imogen. He hides his repressed feelings for Clare. After coming back from break, he gets back together with Clare and clashes with fellow theater producer Becky. Taking charge of the play, Eli produces a homosexual version of Romeo and Juliet. He takes up smoking marijuana with Jake. With the stress from Clare and finding Cam's lifeless body, he takes MDMA. While under the influence of MDMA, he takes a shower in the girls' bathroom and runs around the school naked. He learns to cope with everything and gets his life back on track, but breaks up with Clare. They get back together at prom while they are elected prom king and queen. He goes to New York after graduation, but returns to Toronto when he finds out Clare has cancer. When he returns from NYU, it is revealed that he cheated on Clare. Clare eventually takes him back, but she later breaks up with him over voice mail for Drew. Eleanor "Ellie" Nash Stacey Farber 2, 8 (recurring); 3-7 (regular) Ellie was originally a goth whose father goes on an Army tour in Afghanistan, leaving her with her mother who suffers from alcoholism. She starts deliberately cutting herself with the point of a drawing compass. She begins a fake relationship with Marco after he comes out to her to mask his homosexuality from his friends in Season 2. She receives help for her self-harming behavior after Paige tells the counselor in Season 3. She starts dating Sean and eventually moves in with him after her mother accidentally sets their apartment on fire because of her alcohol problem. He moves to Wasaga Beach in Season 4, resulting in their break up. She develops a crush on Craig Manning, however she is ignored when he rekindles his relationship with Manny Santos. She graduates Degrassi in Season 5 with the class of 2006. She attends Toronto University and rooms with Paige, Marco, and Griffin. She becomes a journalist at the school newspaper, The Core. She was one of the few who discovered Craig's cocaine addiction in Season 6. She starts dating Jesse until she discovers Caitlin Ryan making out with him in Season 7. In the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, she and Marco are invited to visit Paige in Los Angeles after she scores an acting career. She discovers that her father is back from Afghanistan and suffering with post traumatic stress disorder. She surprisingly runs into Craig in the streets, who has been to rehab and is no longer touring with Ashley. She later discovers that Craig has a new girlfriend, much to her disappointment. However, the two share a passionate kiss at the airport. Marco finally convinces Ellie to visit her father at the hospital. Emma Nelson Miriam McDonald 1-9 (regular) Daughter of Christine "Spike" Nelson (who gave birth to Emma between the second and third seasons of Degrassi Junior High) and is best friends with Manny Santos. Emma is smart, determined, and idealistic, though sometimes to a fault. She champions a broad range of causes such as protecting the environment and boycotting genetically modified food. She even goes nude for a cause in Season 7. Archie "Snake" Simpson marries her mom in Season 2, much to the discomfort that she eventually overcomes. She has an on and off romance with Sean Cameron throughout her time on the series. She contracts gonorrhea after performing oral sex on Jay Hogart in Season 4. She develops an eating disorder and is diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia in Season 5. She experiences a pregnancy scare in Season 6. She gets cheated on by Damian when he pursues Liberty Van Zandt. She graduates Degrassi in Season 7 and attends Smithdale University with Manny and Liberty. She starts dating their male roommate Kelly after he nullifies the "no dating roommates" rule. She puts her stay at Smithdale at risk when she bakes weed brownies. As of Season 9 she has gone from being a vegetarian to being vegan. Kelly breaks up with her, after taking a job with his dad, because she was being too controlling. She isn't doing well in school and decides to take a break from university. In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, she returns to Toronto for the summer and accidentally sets The Dot on fire while taking Spinner's shift. After discovering his break up with Jane, she tries to comfort him and takes him to a casino. They become inebriated and get married. After multiple tries to get a divorce, they realize they love each other and have a celebration to recommit their vows. She is one of four original characters to remain on the show until Season 9., Although credited as a regular in Season 9, she only appeared in 1 episode and Degrassi Takes Manhattan., Fiona Coyne Annie Clark 9-12 (regular) Fiona is Declan's twin sister. She is rich, fashionable, and snobbish. She has a mood disorder, believed to be borderline personality disorder and exhibits behaviors including a fear of being alone and has unstable personal relationships. She starts dating Riley. She develops an attraction to him, although she becomes suspicious of his sexuality. They break up after Riley calls her a bitch because she tells him he "can't cure homosexuality." She drunkenly kisses Declan on the lips because she doesn't like Declan spending all his time with Holly J. and not with her. She and Declan move back to New York and attend Vanderbilt Prep, where she starts dating Bobby Breckinridge. Bobby becomes abusive and cheats on her with his ex-girlfriend, causing her to fall into depression and secretly takes a flight back to Toronto. After Holly J. informs Fiona's mother, her mother decides to let her stay at Degrassi and she and Holly J. become close friends. Fiona becomes stressed when she must testify against Bobby and self-medicates with champagne. After a talk from Holly J., Fiona takes her prescribed medication and is able to cope with the trial. She later shows an interest in Adam. She heads to rehab for her alcoholism after an intervention. After exiting rehab, she goes to court to face Bobby in trial. She wins the case and in the heat of the celebratory moment, kisses Holly J. on the lips. Upon returning to Degrassi she attempts to continue dating Adam until he realizes her preference for girls. She begins a romantic friendship with a girl named Charlie, inviting her to live with her, but it doesn't work out. She finds a friend in Eli when they co-direct his play. Drew later rents a room from her and teaches her to take care of herself.She also develops a crush on Imogen, but she hides her feelings by trying to pair up Eli with Imogen. She finally admits her crush on Imogen, only to find that Imogen has the same feelings for her. Imogen and Fiona break up at prom when Imogen meddles with her future. Fiona graduates from Degrassi and goes to Italy where she is interning for a fashion designer. Frankie Hollingsworth Sara Waisglass 13-present (regular) Frankie is Miles' little sister. She is friends with Zoë. Frankie was introduced midway into Season 13., Grace Nikki Gould 13-present (regular) Grace is a goth/computer chick who hangs out in the "Rubber Room" hallway of Degrassi, and is an assumed friend of Miles. She helps Maya find out who started the Facerange page about her. Grace was introduced midway into Season 13., Hazel Aden Andrea Lewis 1-2 (recurring); 3-5 (regular) Hazel is a member of the Spirit Squad and Paige's best friend/sidekick. She is popular and occasionally catty towards other girls. She is insecure about her Muslim heritage, which is revealed in Season 2. She dates Jimmy Brooks from Seasons 3-5. She almost loses her friendship with Paige because of her hatred towards Alex. She graduates from Degrassi in Season 5 with the class of 2006 and attends a college outside of Toronto. Holly Jeanette "Holly J." Sinclair Charlotte Arnold 7-11 (regular); 11 (guest appearance) Holly J. is the younger sister of the unseen character Heather Sinclair. She is portrayed as rude, sarcastic, and sometimes cruel to other students at Degrassi, but she is also insecure and is sometimes hurt by others' opinions towards her. She insists on being called Holly J. rather than Holly. She is best friends with Anya MacPherson until Anya realizes how abusive Holly J. is towards her. She starts dating Blue Chessex, but she is rejected after she tries to lose her virginity to him, causing her to feel negative about herself. She becomes best friends with Jane Vaughn. She reveals that she loves Spinner after he is shot by a robber at The Dot, but he nicely rejects her feelings at the hospital. She gets back with Blue after he saves her life at the robbery. She breaks up with him because he tries to change her. She finds out that Jane is cheating on Spinner with him, but she convinces Jane to break up with Declan because she will break Spinner's heart. Holly J. eventually starts dating Declan. She tells him she loves him before they have sex for the first time, but he doesn't reply. After his mom tells him and Fiona that they're moving back to New York, Fiona is the one to tell Holly J. in spite of her hatred towards her. Holly J. walks in on Declan trying to convince his mom to let him stay with Holly J., and he finally tells Holly J. he loves her. In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, during her internship in New York during the summer, Fiona tries to take her job and the two feud, but they become best friends after Fiona moves back to Toronto. She loses her spot as student council president to Sav as well. She joined an SAT prep course using $2,000 that she stole from Fiona's bank account after finding out her password. When Fiona finds out about it she is furious with Holly J. but forgives her after she apologizes. Holly J. and Declan's long-distance relationship hits a snag when she believes he is cheating on her. However, he ends up coming to visit her instead. They break up when Holly J. becomes uncomfortable when Declan starts buying and offering to pay for things for her. Sav begins to develop a crush on Holly J., even kissing her, but she tells him that it cannot work out. When she reciprocates the feelings, they begin to secretly date, but the secret does not last long. Later, she becomes very ill with a staphylococcal infection, but she passes it off as a common cold, which causes her to experience kidney failure. She is then put on a treatment of dialysis. When she goes to New York with Fiona, so she can testify against Bobby, Fiona wins, leading to Fiona kissing Holly J. She assists on helping Fiona come to terms about her sexuality. After deciding she isn't in love with Sav, she breaks up with him. She is Degrassi's valedictorian, and attends Yale university. She returns to Degrassi, to assist Fiona in moving to New York, and Fiona's dilemma with Imogen. She appears as a regular during the first half of Season 11., Imogen Moreno Cristine Prosperi 11-present (regular) An energetic and somewhat wild girl, Imogen first makes an appearance in season 11 after helping Eli get over Clare and revealing that she has been stalking him. Enamored with Eli, she tried out for his play where she got the part. After having her heart broken by Eli, she eventually came to be friends with him and Fiona. Fiona decides to set them up when she realizes she has feelings for Imogen. After ending her relationship with Eli, Imogen shares a kiss with Fiona and begins a relationship with her. She finds out her father suffers from Dementia, and reveals her parents are divorced. Fiona and Imogen break up when Fiona graduates. Imogen then takes an interest in Adam, who is dating Becky. After Imogen kisses Adam, they are caught by Adam's brother Drew. Adam then dies in a fatal car crash. After attending Adam's funeral, Imogen comes up with the idea of Degrassi TV, though when Becky auditions to co-host the show, Imogen is at first reluctant but knowing Becky's talent, she accepts her and they become good friends. Jack Niamh Wilson 13 (guest appearance); 13-present (regular) Jack is a new student at Degrassi. She is a lesbian and befriends Becky and Imogen when they have to work on a project together. She and Imogen attract mutual feelings for each other which makes Becky jealous. Jake Martin Justin Kelly 11-12 (regular) Jake is straightforward guy, who was originally a family friend of Clare's. He begins a relationship with her, when she shows an attraction to him, despite their parents also dating. Eli tries to end their relationship, but soon tries to help save it because he wants Clare to be happy. They break up when his father and Clare's mother get engaged, much to the chagrin of Clare. He kisses Alli by rebound at a getaway cabin, and is caught by Clare. Jake and Clare get into another relationship, despite they are step-siblings. When Jake and Clare decide to have sex, Jake is worried this means they will be together forever, causing them to break up. Jake gets close with Katie, making a public garden together. They start dating, which causes Dallas to get jealous and he trashes their garden. Jake takes up smoking marijuana, and offers it to Eli. Katie and Jake break up when she lies to him about being with another guy. At prom, Jake and Katie kiss but remain friends. He is last seen graduating from Degrassi. James Tiberius "J.T." Yorke Ryan Cooley 1-6 (regular) He was known as the class clown who got into trouble frequently at Degrassi, but he eventually matures. It is revealed that he thinks he has a small penis in season 4, and is caught using a pump in his bedroom by Manny Santos, his girlfriend at the time. Towards the end of season 4, he starts dating Liberty Van Zandt and gets her pregnant in season 5, after using a king-sized condom that slips off. He breaks up with her because of how controlling and demeaning she becomes, but he gets back with her after he realizes he loves her and wants to have the child. He began stealing and selling oxycodone from the pharmacy he worked at, to make money for Liberty and the baby. He tries to commit suicide by overdosing on the drug, but he survives. Liberty ultimately breaks up with him and puts the baby up for adoption. He starts dating Mia Jones in season 6. After Liberty tells him she still loves him at her birthday party, he rebuffs her and she storms off. He soon tells Toby that even though he thinks Mia is great and he likes her a lot, he still likes Liberty and tries to look for her, but he is stabbed by a student from Lakehurst High School before he can tell her. His aorta is punctured and he dies that night, leaving Manny, Sean, Liberty, Emma, and Toby to find out about his passing first. A school memorial garden is built in his name, and when his class graduates, Toby, Manny, Liberty, and Emma place a graduation cap on his memorial and flip the tassel, signaling that he has "graduated" along with their class. Only appears in the first half of Season 6., Anastasia "Jane Vaughn" Valieri Paula Brancati 7-9 (regular) Anastasia "Jane Vaughn" Valieri arrives at Degrassi after the Lakehurst fire. Her brother is Lucas Valieri, father of Mia's daughter, although she prefers that people do not know they are siblings. She also becomes best friends with Holly J. Sinclair. Gavin "Spinner" Mason immediately develops an attraction to her, and they eventually start dating. She joins the all boy football team in season 8, and is ridiculed by many of the teammates and the coach. It is revealed that her father molested her when she was a child, after he comes to visit her and her family. She breaks up with Spinner after she finds out that he didn't tell her the truth about not getting into the police academy. She is even more angry with him after he proposes to her in front of an audience. They get back together after she remembers how supportive he is of her playing football, although she tells him no marriage until after college. She joins Clare's protest to get Principal Sheppard fired for calling Clare a bitch. She becomes the lead singer for Spinner's band Studz in season 9 after Peter gets kicked out for using meth. She starts cheating on Spinner with Declan Coyne until Holly J. convinces her to break up with Declan. She breaks up with Declan and never tells Spinner. She graduates Degrassi in season 9. In the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Spinner overhears Jane and Holly J. talking about when Jane cheated on Spinner, resulting in their ultimate break up. Holly J. and Declan invite her to travel to New York City with them in order to cheer her up, where she becomes the lead singer of the band Flashin' Midnight, but eventually loses her spot to the band's ex-singer. After discovering that Spinner and Emma are getting married, she travels back to Toronto to try to change his decision, but she decides to let them get married and gets closure. She then leaves to attend Stanford University in California. Jason "Jay" Hogart Mike Lobel 3-4, 8-9 (recurring); 5-7 (regular) He is known as a rebel and a bully at Degrassi, often torturing other students such as Toby Isaacs and Rick. He is involved with several illegal and inappropriate activities, such as stealing from Degrassi in season 3. He dates Alex Nuñez from seasons 3-4. Emma contracts gonorrhea after performing oral sex on Jay to get back at Alex. He breaks into a pawn shop in season 7 to retrieve his mother's ring for his ex-fiancée Manny Santos. They get back together during the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, and are briefly seen together at Jane's housewarming party in season 9. He appears in "Degrassi Takes Manhattan" by Manny's side, and officiates at Spinner and Emma's renewal of vows at the end of the film. Jenna Middleton Jessica Tyler 9-present (regular) She plays guitar and sings, and is a member of the Power Squad. She becomes close with Clare, making Alli jealous until Jenna informs her she wants to be friends with her too. She tells them that she was known as a boyfriend stealer at her old school. She develops an attraction to K.C., and although she promises Clare she'll stay away from him, K.C. breaks up with Clare for Jenna, ending her friendship with Clare and Alli. She starts taking diet pills in order to lose weight and fit into her Power Squad uniform for the calendar, but ends up suffering from anal leakage, and stops. After taking a pregnancy test, she realizes she is actually pregnant, K.C. being the father, and is too far along to abort. K.C. breaks up with her, leaving only her and her brother to take care of the baby. She enters a talent competition, and despite revealing her secret to the world, she is voted off. She reunites with K.C. Her water breaks during the Spring Dance, and she gives birth to her baby that night. Jenna is tired of taking care of Tyson by herself, and they move in with K.C. and his mother, but this leads to tension, and the breakup of the two. She puts baby Tyson up for adoption, missing her social life. Jenna still has rigid relations with Clare, as she was seen hanging with Jake after he broke up with Clare. She also stands by Alli's side after Clare ended her friendship with Alli. The two later rekindle their friendship with Clare. She becomes Becky's friend and becomes a Christian for Becky's brother, Luke, but later realizes he doesn't want her. She stays a Christian and counsels Becky about her homophobia and transphobia. Jenna later begins dating Connor. James "Jimmy" Brooks Aubrey Graham 1-7 (regular); 8 (guest appearance) He comes from a wealthy family, and is often seen with expensive clothes and gear. He is Gavin "Spinner" Mason's best friend, though the two fight frequently. He dates Ashley until she takes ecstasy and cheats on him at a party. She eventually goes Goth and they get back together, but she breaks up with him after she realizes that he prefers the old Ashley. He dates Hazel Aden from seasons 3-5 until he reveals to her that he has feelings for Ellie. After Spinner and Jay trick Rick into thinking that Jimmy pulled a prank on him, Rick shoots him in the back, which causes him to use a wheelchair throughout the rest of the series. This resulted in Jimmy ending his friendship with Spinner until the end of season 5. His dad tries to put him in handicap basketball, but Ellie helps Jimmy discover his artistic talent. He graduates Degrassi in season 7, a year later than planned because of the time he had to take off due to the shooting, and therapy. He starts to pursue a career in music that blossoms when he rekindles his relationship with Ashley, but they ultimately break up when her musical talent is ignored by a friend of Ellie's, who takes interest into Jimmy's talent. He starts dating Trina in season 7, who is another physically challenged individual. He is briefly seen being there for Spinner after he doesn't make it into a police academy. He also reveals that he is contemplating proposing to Trina, showing Spinner a sign that he needs to move on with his life. John George "Johnny" DiMarco Scott Paterson 6-7 (recurring); 8-9 (regular); 10 (guest appearance) He was introduced as one of Nic's thugs from Lakehurst in season 6. He helped beat up Toby, and was present when Drake Lempkey killed J.T., although he was surprised by Drake's action and was not prosecuted, since he was just a witness. He attends Degrassi after the Lakehurst fire. He becomes best friends with Bruce the Moose, and the two are often seen torturing other students at Degrassi. He developed a rivalry with Gavin "Spinner" Mason, and they get into a fight which is taped and posted online. Alli Bhandari develops an attraction to him and asks him out, but he rejects he because she's in the ninth grade. He starts going out with her and eventually takes her virginity, claiming that she took his too. She breaks up with him because of the discomfort, but they get back together when he tells her he wants to wait until she's ready again. Alli starts "sexting" him in season 9 when he doesn't allow her to be affectionate with him in public. He breaks up with her after she reveals a picture of him holding a teddy bear to the entire school. Angry, he sends a nude picture of her to Bruce the Moose. He reveals that he found a genital wart on his penis and that Alli was not the first girl he had sex with. Although he tells her that she is the only girl he's been with that he's liked, she ultimately breaks up with him, saying that she refuses to go out with someone she can't trust. He graduated Degrassi at the end of season 9, and attends the University of Toronto, where Alli confides in him. Katie Matlin Chloe Rose 11-13 (regular) An athlete who plays soccer and has no clue when it comes to love, she is the editor of the school newspaper and initially refuses to let Clare join the writing staff. She starts dating Drew, as she teaches him to deal with his anger. It is revealed that she is bulimic, a secret only known by her best friend, Marisol. She becomes student council president. Senior year, a group breaks into the school with Katie's key, when Imogen gets caught, Katie and Marisol put the blame on her and Fiona. Katie tears her ACL playing soccer, which leads to her needing surgery. Katie's parents send Katie to rehab after she overdoses herself with codeine in order to keep playing soccer and hopefully make the national team, which leaves Katie depressed. She recovers and comes back to school, still in a 'relationship' with Drew. Drew breaks up with her, but she doesn't quite digest it and loses her virginity to a drunk Drew at a house party. He breaks up with her again, and she finds out he moved on to Bianca. She publicly humiliates Drew, by playing a video of him drunkenly boasting about their sex, to the school. She enters a relationship with Jake, which angers Dallas, who thought she wanted him. She gets accepted to Stanford, but cannot afford it. Katie tries to gamble, in order to pay the tuition, but loses all her savings. She seeks help from a millionaire, until he asks for sex, putting her off boys. She and Jake kiss at prom but remain friends. She graduates from Degrassi and is last seen helping Maya, who is in trouble with their mother. She goes to soccer camp for the summer before going to Stanford University for college. Only credited as a regular in the first 2 episodes of Season 13., Kirk Cameron "K.C." Guthrie Sam Earle 8-12 (regular) He's smart, short-tempered, and becomes a member of the basketball team. He befriends Connor and Alli, and develops an attraction to Clare, who crushes on him as well, but she tells him she's not ready for a relationship. It is revealed that he lives in a group home, which makes Clare feel a little uncomfortable, but they start dating. Jenna develops an attraction to K.C., and although she promises Clare she'll stay away from him, he breaks up with Clare for Jenna, leaving her angry at both of them. Coach Carson develops an interest in him, which initiates a friendship between the two, until the coach tries to set K.C. up with a prostitute. K.C. shows Archie and the principal the coach's gun and he is quickly arrested. K.C. joins the football team. His mother is released from prison, and eventually proves to him that she has changed, and he decides to move into her apartment. He is very supportive of Jenna when she tries out for a talent competition, and is seen bragging at school about her. He says that he finally has a "normal" life, but when Jenna tells him that she is pregnant, and that it is too late for an abortion, he ends their relationship. Eventually, he realizes that he's not over Jenna and tells her that he wants to be involved with the baby's life and the two get back together. After Tyson is born, he applies for a job at Little Miss Steaks, and Jenna and the baby move in with him and his mother. He starts a relationship with Marisol, causing his breakup with Jenna. Jenna and him give up the baby up for adoption. K.C.'s father is released from prison, and after this causes problems, they move to Vancouver. Credited as a regular for episodes 1-14 of Season 12., Kelly Ashoona Evan Williams 8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance) He attends Smithdale University and rooms with Emma, Manny, and Liberty. He starts dating Emma after he nullifies the no dating roommates policy. He takes the blame for Emma when she bakes weed brownies and is forced to leave the residence hall. He breaks up with her on a cycling tour, after his dad offers him a job, and because she becomes too controlling and demeaning. Leia Chang Judy Jiao 8-10 (regular) She transferred to Degrassi from a ballet school. She becomes friends with Mia until discovering that Mia was performing sexual acts to advance her modeling career, resulting in Leia ending their friendship. She was the ultimate factor in Danny and Mia's breakup, telling Danny what Mia was doing for her job. She eventually develops a relationship with Danny, and lies about knowing the band Fall Out Boy to impress him and his friends. He confronts her and tells her that he loves her for who she is, and they have a fresh start. Leia asks Chantay how to rekindle her romance with Danny, so Chantay advises her to break up with him, and that he'll come crawling back to her. Afterwards, Danny asks Chantay out on a date while Leia is heartbroken. Chantay asks Leia to stop by the date and talk to Danny, but Danny reveals that he has feelings for Chantay, resulting in their ultimate breakup. She is last seen supporting Anya with her situation at home. Although given star billing for 24 episodes in Season 10, she only appeared in 2 episodes., Liberty Van Zandt Sarah Barrable-Tishauer 1-8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance) She is a smart and highly ambitious student at Degrassi, and is active in student council and extracurricular activities. After developing a crush on J.T. Yorke since the beginning of the series, they finally start dating in season 4. He gets her pregnant in season 5 after using a king sized condom that slips off, and she plans to place it for adoption. Although he breaks up with her because she becomes too controlling and demeaning, he still tries to help her through her pregnancy, and they eventually get back together and plan to raise the child together. But after J.T. becomes a drug dealer then attempts to commit suicide by overdosing on the drugs he stole, she breaks up with him and decides to put the baby up for adoption. In season 6, J.T. and Manny Santos plan a birthday party for Liberty, which she decides to attend. Although J.T. is already dating Mia, Liberty tells him that she still loves him, but he declines and tells her he loves Mia, and she storms out of the party. After admitting to Toby that he does love her, he tries to find her in an attempt to tell her, but he is stabbed by a student from Lakehurst. His aorta is punctured and he dies that night. Afterwards, she refuses to cry because she is in shock, but she finally cries during his memorial held at Degrassi. She develops feelings for Damian Hayes, who develops feelings for her as well. They share a kiss at prom, initiating Damian's cheating on Emma, who ultimately breaks up with him. Although she continues dating Damian, her friends forgive her and they graduate Degrassi together in season seven. She attends Smithdale University and rooms with Emma, Manny, and Kelly in season 8. She tries to get a sorority, but she rejects the offer when she finds out that she was just their "token black chick." She is now in a new sorority, and briefly appears in the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan at Spinner and Emma's wedding celebration with a Toby look-alike. Luke Baker Craig Arnold 12-present (regular) A Christian hockey player, and Becky's brother. He and Jenna flirt, but he tells her that he's not looking for a relationship, although he later develops feelings for Jenna who is dating Connor. In season 13, he attends one of Miles' parties, and it is revealed that he is the one who sexually assaulted Zoë, which upsets Becky. Manuela "Manny" Santos Cassie Steele 1-9 (regular) Born in Manila, Philippines, she is a Filipino girl who struggles to define herself throughout the series, and is often criticized by students at Degrassi and her father for her promiscuity. She is best friends with Emma Nelson and they often fight, but eventually make up. She becomes pregnant with Craig's baby in season 3 and opts for an abortion after deciding that she's not ready to be a mother. At the end of season 3 she begins to date J.T., but they break up in season 4 because Manny believes that J.T. is too immature. She starts dating Spinner for a short time in season 4 until she finds out that he is the reason for Jimmy's confinement to a wheelchair. In season 5, she rekindles her relationship with Craig and continues dating him while he's in Vancouver. She discovers his cocaine addiction when he returns in season 6, and decides to try it to fit in with his friends. She ultimately breaks up with him when he chooses cocaine over her. She forms a fake relationship with Jay Hogart to get freedom from her parents in season 7, resulting in them actually falling for each other, and their fake engagement turns into a real one. She breaks up with him when he calls her a bitch, after he breaks into a jewelry store to steal the engagement ring she pawned off. She graduates Degrassi in season seven, and attends Smithdale University, rooming with Emma, Liberty, and Kelly. She develops feelings for Kelly and battles Emma for him, but eventually lets Emma have him. In the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, she goes on a road trip with Emma, Kelly, Sav, Danny, Peter, Mia, and ex-boyfriend Jay Hogart to audition for a role in Jason Mewes's directing debut film Mewesical High. Although Paige scores the role first, much to Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith's discomfort, Paige is eventually fired and decides to help Manny score the role instead. She rekindles her relationship with Jay during the film, and appears at Jane's house warming party in season 9. In the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan, she encourages Emma to listen to her heart and eventually supports her decision to marry Spinner. She is one of four original characters to remain on the show until Season 9., Although credited as a regular in Season 9, she only appeared on 1 episode and Degrassi Takes Manhattan., Marco Del Rossi Adamo Ruggiero 2, 8 (recurring); 3-7 (regular); 9 (guest appearance) First appearing as a great dancer in season 2, he becomes the love interest of Ellie until he reveals to her that he is homosexual. They form a fake relationship to mask his homosexuality. After coming out to his friends in season 3, he becomes alienated by Spinner, who cannot get over the discomfort, but he eventually accepts it and remains Marco's friend. He becomes a victim of a hate crime after being gay bashed by a group of men while en route to a hockey game. He develops a crush on Paige's brother, Dylan, and they eventually start dating. He comes out to his mother in season 4, but doesn't come out to his father until season 5. Dylan cheats on him in season 4, but they get back together. They ultimately break up in season 6, after Dylan decides to play hockey in Switzerland. He graduates Degrassi in season 5 with the class of 2006. He attends Toronto University and rooms with Ellie, Paige, and Griffin. He is faced with the idea of male prostitution by a friend in season 7, but he turns it away. He almost has sex with Ellie, which forms a minor feud between the two, but they eventually make up. After rooming together for a year, Marco, Ellie, Paige, and Griffin decide to move out, and go on with their lives. In the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Paige invites him and Ellie to visit her in Los Angeles after she scores an acting career. After getting into a fight with Paige for becoming a diva, she smacks him and he storms away, possibly ending their friendship. After discovering that Ellie's father is back from Afghanistan and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he tries to convince her to see him, but she refuses. He finally convinces her and they both decide to visit him. He briefly appears in season 9 as a student-teacher, and struggles with the decision to give Holly J. and Declan more time to complete their essay. Marisol Lewis Shanice Banton 10 (recurring); 11-12 (regular) A cheerleader and a waitress at Little Miss Steaks. She was first seen as Riley's "date", then as a rebound girl for Drew. Marisol shows K.C. how to have fun, but leads to him cheating on Jenna. Marisol and K.C. end up not staying together, but not until after his relationship with Jenna is ruined. She goes back to focusing on her long-time crush on Drew, who ends up with her best friend, Katie. She starts dating Mo after a model UN event. She stays by Katie's side when Drew breaks up with Katie, twice. She gets upset with boyfriend Mo when she thinks he is hiding a drug problem, but finds out that Mo has diabetes. She is last seen graduating from Degrassi with her friends. Maya Matlin Olivia Scriven 11-present (regular) Katie's younger sister, Maya loves music, and wants to start her own band, she is a music virtuoso. She develops a crush on Zig, but then unknowingly helps him rekindle his relationship with Tori. Despite engaging in a fight with Tori, she becomes Tori's and Tristan's friends. She is ridiculed by the hockey team for having a flat chest, and tries to wear false breasts, to make herself more attractive and mature, but during an audition, one of them slips out. Despite her embarrassment, she stands up to Owen. She gets into a relationship with Cam. When she feels that Cam is no longer interested in her, when she enters a beauty contest, but still does not get the reaction she wants from Cam. Maya break up with Cam, and kisses Zig, but runs back to Cam, trying to forget the kiss with Zig. After her boyfriend, Cam commits suicide in a greenhouse Maya goes through a rebellious phase. She attends a senior party, drinks, posts a provocative video, and nearly has sex on her couch with the new guy, Harry. Her mother and sister catches him undoing his pant and he leaves. She breaks down and reveals her true feelings. She goes to Paris for the summer with Tristan and develops a love/hate relationship with a bad boy named Miles, while also getting into a rivalry with actress Zoe Rivas. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 11., Mia Jones Nina Dobrev 6 (recurring); 7-8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance) It is revealed in an episode that she had a child with Lucas Valieri when she was thirteen years old. She is a teenage mother who transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst in season 6. Her daughter is Isabella "Izzy" Jones. She starts dating J.T. Yorke in season 6 until he is stabbed to death by a Lakehurst student. She becomes involved with Lucas, her child's father, in season 7, but they ultimately break up after he refuses to accept the parenting idea. After posing with quarterback Danny at a pep rally in season 8, she is offered a modeling career. She starts dating Danny and becomes friends with new student Leia until Leia discovers that Mia has been performing sexual acts to increase her modeling career, ultimately ending her relationship with Danny and her friendship with Leia. She starts dating Peter, but they break up after discovering that he's not over Darcy. She drops out of school and continues her modeling career because of the stress of maintaining both, but she decides to finish school and cut down on modeling instead. She rekindles her relationship with Peter after she realizes that he truly cares about her. She accepts a modeling contract in Europe in season 9 and has to move. Peter intends on moving with her until he gets involved with crystal meth, resulting in her ultimately breaking up with him and moving to Europe without him, although she confronts him via live video chat and tells him she worries about him. Miles Hollingsworth III Eric Osborne 13-present (regular) An athlete transferred from a prep-school, he gets the attraction of Tristan and Zoe while summering in Paris. In his first scene, he surprises Maya and Tristan while they were talk and Miles can be seen smoking a joint (Marijuana). It is shown that his father is abusive verbally. Miles is also a "bad-boy". Miles begins a relationship with Zoe Rivas, Maya's rival in France, but breaks up with her when he sees how mean Zoe really is. As the new school year begins, Miles becomes closer to Maya and Tristan. Mo Mashkour Jacob Neayem 10 (guest appearance) 11 (recurring); 11-12 (regular) Mo enjoys making music, and is on the football team. He is introduced in season 11 when he assists Sav on a media project, and helps Sav on his crush-turned-relationship with Ms. Oh. Despite his preserved knowledge on girls, he fails at impressing girls. He picks on Marisol, going so far to put gum in her hair, however starts dating Marisol. At first she doesn't want to show any public affection, but then doesn't care. He is also insecure about impressing Marisol. When Marisol finds syringes in his bag, she accuses him of taking street drugs, however Mo has diabetes. Mo is last seen graduating from Degrassi, but not before singing a song to Marisol as an apology for his behavior at prom. The character had not been created yet, but the actor made an appearance during Season 10., Added to the opening credits during the second half of Season 11., Owen Milligan Daniel Kelly 10 (recurring); 10-12 (regular) Owen is one of Riley and Drew's teammates on the football team, and helped Riley haze Drew. Owen shows a homophobic attitude, when he finds out that Zane, a kicker on the team, is gay. At a semester-end event he offered to pay Alli $50 to hook up with him, but Drew stops him before anything happens. He then starts having feelings for Anya, but she feels uncomfortable, and accidentally gets Owen kicked out of CPR class. He starts to date Anya after they have a one-night stand, and begin a long-distance relationship when she joins the army. He slowly grows into a thoughtful person, helping his openly gay brother Tristan survive high school, and confronts the hockey team to help Tristan. Owen continues to be there for his brother and is last seen graduating from Degrassi. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 10., Paige Michalchuk Lauren Collins 1-7 (regular); 8 (recurring) She is a popular student at Degrassi who often says harmful things to other students. She is raped by Dean in season 2. She loses her trial against him in season 4 due to lack of evidence. As an act of revenge, she intentionally crashes Spinner's car into Dean's and loses her license. She breaks up with Spinner after dating him from seasons 3-4. She begins a rocky lesbian relationship with Alex in season 5. She graduates Degrassi in season five with the class of 2006. Although she is high on marijuana during an interview with a representative from Banting University, she is accepted. After repeated Panic attacks and her failing grades, she drops out of Banting University. She rooms with Ellie, Marco, and Griffin afterwards. She starts a low-level job at a fashion designer company in season 7. After sleeping with roommate Griffin, she discovers that he has treatments for HIV. He confronts her afterwards and tells her that he was born HIV positive. Although they used a condom, she is asked to wait 6 months to hear if she is tested positive or not. Paige, Marco, Ellie, and Griffin decide to move out and go on with their lives. In the film Degrassi Goes Hollywood, she is seen working for a snobby reality television star in Los Angeles. After she scores the main role in Jason Mewes's directing debut film 'Mewesical High', she invites Marco and Ellie to visit her in Los Angeles. After fame starts to get into her head and she becomes a diva, Marco tells her off about her attitude, resulting in her smacking Marco, possibly ending their friendship. She loses the part because of her behaviour, and becomes Jason Mewes's assistant during the movie. Her part is given to Manny Santos. She is last seen trying to call Marco, who doesn't answer. Peter Stone Jamie Johnston 5-10 (regular) He is Mrs. Hatzilakos' son. He attends Degrassi after years of homeschooling. In season 5, he takes advantage of Manny after she becomes inebriated and films her baring her breasts. He eventually uses the footage to get revenge on Manny by emailing it to the entire school. He starts secretly dating Emma after the situation, but breaks up after he blackmails Sean by storing drugs in his locker in season 6. He starts dating Darcy, although he almost risks her life by selling risqué photos of her to an Internet stalker. He supports Darcy after she is raped in season 7. He forms the band The Stüdz with Sav and Danny to keep himself occupied after school. After discovering that his mother is moving to Regina, he emancipates himself from his parents and lives on his own to stay with Darcy at Degrassi. In season 8, Darcy reveals that she is moving to Kenya to rebuild her spirit and breaks up with him. He develops feelings for Mia and eventually start dating. He befriends Riley and is the first to discover his homosexuality after he tries to kiss Peter. Mia breaks up with him after discovering that he is still in contact with Darcy, but they get back together after she realizes that he truly cares about her. Mia reveals that she is moving to Paris, France in season 9 after signing a modeling contract in Europe. He intends to move with her until he becomes addicted to crystal meth after being humiliated at Declan and Fiona's party, resulting in their ultimate break up and his separation from The Stüdz. He forms a club called 'Above The Dot' that features live band performances for kids who cannot get into bars, in order to raise money for college. He rejoins the band Janie and the Studz, but the band breaks up during the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan. In the first half of season 10 he appears to have a server position at The Dot. Although given star billing for 24 episodes in Season 10, he only appeared in 4 episodes, Riley Stavros Argiris Karras 8-11 (regular) He is a member of the football team and is credited for Degrassi's first win. Riley struggles with his sexuality and he unsuccessfully tries to kiss Peter, confirming his homosexual tendencies. However, Peter understands and they eventually become best friends. He starts taking steroids in order to make himself attracted to girls, but he eventually quits. He starts dating Fiona, but she eventually realizes he's struggling with his identity, so she breaks up with him. Riley is attracted to a lifeguard who was also gay. But, still struggling, he punches the lifeguard in anger and is forced to take anger management classes. Riley seemingly becomes comfortable with being gay when he develops feeling for Zane, an openly gay student at Degrassi. After Zane invites him to an LGBT mixer, he decides to go, and they spend the summer together. However, Riley is still uncomfortable with the student body knowing his sexuality. Drew then overhears a conversation and blackmails Riley into giving him the quarterback position on the football team. Riley takes Zane's side later on, and tries to teach the football team to be more sensitive. He struggles with becoming the first openly gay football player, but finally accepts it and kisses Zane in the hallway soon after. His mother walks in on him and Zane kissing, but she refuses to accept it and is in denial even after he tells her that he is gay. He breaks-up with Zane after deciding that he would rather have a "normal" relationship with his parents. Despite the breakup, his mother finally accepts him, and he graduates Degrassi and seems to have rekindled things with Zane. Only appears in the first half of Season 11., Savtaj "Sav" Bhandari Raymond Ablack 7 (recurring); 8-11 (regular) Alli's older brother. He becomes the object of many girls' affection in season 7. He reveals to Mia that he has never kissed a girl. After teaching him "the ropes behind kissing," he mistakes her lessons as affection and eventually discovers that he likes Anya. He forms the band The Stüdz with Peter and Danny. He starts dating Anya despite his Muslim upbringing, and they break up and make up several times. He joins the football team and fights teammate Riley after discovering that he is dating Anya. Anya convinces him to have sex in the limo at spring formal after his arranged wife visits. He breaks up with her after she reveals to him that she lied about taking birth control, claiming that he cannot trust her. After Janie and the Studz break up, he decides to compete against Holly J. for student council president. Holly J. convinces Anya to fake pregnancy in order to drop Sav out of the election, but her plan backfires after they rekindle their relationship and use the fake pregnancy to their advantage, scoring him the role. Anya ultimately breaks up with him after he refuses to tell his mother about their relationship. When he wins four backstage concert passes and his father refuses to let him go, he steals his father's truck, the police catch him on the way back. He begins to secretly date Holly J., but the secret does not last long. Holly J. tells Sav's parents that they are dating in hopes of using them to break up with Sav. Sav tells Holly J. that his parents have encouraged him to date her, but she still breaks up with him because she isn't in love with him. Hoping to get over Holly J., he attends a Keke Palmer concert where she invites him on stage. He then starts finding himself falling for Ms. Oh, they write each other a song and they end up in a forbidden relationship, he graduates, with promises to see Ms. Oh in the near future. Only appears in the first half of Season 11., Sean Cameron Daniel Clark 1-4, 6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance) He has a violent past and is sent to Toronto by his parents to keep him out of trouble. He develops feelings for Emma and they date through seasons 1-3. She breaks up with him in season 1 after he pushes her while he's in a fight with Jimmy. He kisses Ashley the night she takes ecstasy. He gets back together with Emma in season 2 after realizing that he needs her. He breaks up with her in season 3 after he befriends Jay Hogart and Alex Nuñez. He starts dating Ellie after spending time together in Saturday detention. He emancipates himself after his brother moves to Alberta. Ellie moves in with him after her mother catches their apartment on fire because of her alcoholism in season 4. He saves Emma's life after he tries to wrestle a gun out of Rick's hand, causing the gun to go off and shoot Rick, killing him. He visits his parents in Wasaga Beach with Ellie, Jay, and Emma, and decides to stay after his parents explain to him why they sent him to Toronto, resulting in his and Ellie's break up. He returns to Degrassi in season 6, but is put in jail after a drag racing accident. He rekindles his relationship with Emma and decides to move in with her. After discovering that Emma gave Jay a blow job while he was gone, he freaks out and leaves, but decides to stay after wanting to work it out. He decides to join the army instead of attending college, and leaves for training, resulting in his and Emma's ultimate breakup. He visits Emma in season 7 and reveals that he is being sent to Afghanistan for the war. Only appears in the first half of season 4., Gavin "Spinner" Mason Shane Kippel 1-9 (regular) Nicknamed 'Spinner' because of his ADHD, Gavin is a hyperactive student and is known as the school bully in season 1. He is the adoptive brother of Kendra Mason. He alienates Marco after discovering his homosexuality, but eventually accepts Marco's sexuality and even helps him hook up with Dylan. He dates Paige from seasons 3-4. She breaks up with him after he gets into a fight with Craig over Manny, and causes her to lose her job as well. He starts dating Manny Santos until she breaks up him after he reveals that he is the cause of Jimmy's permanent confinement to a wheelchair. He is expelled from Degrassi after he confesses to the principal that he bullied Rick before the school shooting. He returns to Degrassi in season 5 and starts dating Darcy, who helps him become a born-again Christian. He breaks up with her because of her hypocritical behaviour. He is diagnosed with testicular cancer in season 7 and goes through a period of reckless behaviour because of his fear of dying. He rebuilds his spirit after he starts dating Jane and pursues operation. He graduates Degrassi in season 7. He is shot during a burglary at The Dot in season 8, but he quickly recovers afterwards. In the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan, he overhears Jane and Holly J. talking about when Jane cheated on Spinner, resulting in him ultimately breaking up with her. After Emma accidentally catches The Dot on fire, causing him to fall into an even deeper depression, she takes him to a casino. After they win over $2,000 at a casino, they get drunk and get married. After several attempts to get a divorce, they realize that they do love each other and have a celebration to recommit their vows. He is one of four original characters to remain on the show until Season 9., Theresa "Terri" McGreggor Christina Schmidt 1-3 (regular) Daughter of a widowed father, she is insecure about her overweight appearance, but her career as a plus-size model improves her self-image. She starts dating Rick Murray in season 3, who becomes abusive and eventually pushes her down, causing her head to hit a cinder block. She goes into a coma and eventually recovers, but she is transferred to a private school in Toronto. Although she is credited as a regular in season 3, she only appears in 7 episodes out of 22., She is the first original character to leave the show., Tobias "Toby" Isaacs Jake Goldsbie 1-5 (regular); 6-7 (recurring); 8 (guest appearance) The stepbrother of Ashley, and J.T.'s best friend. He is an intelligent student and known as a geek because of his interest in computers and anime. He suffers from bulimia when he joins the wrestling team in season 2. He starts dating Kendra Mason, the younger sister of Spinner, but they break up over the summer before season 4. He befriends Rick Murray before the school shooting, and decides to attend his funeral. He is deeply affected by J.T.'s death in season 6, and grows a disliking to all Lakehurst students in season 7. He is Jewish, and it is revealed that his grandparents died in The Holocaust. He develops a crush on Holly J. while tutoring her, but rejects her after she asks him out because of her insecure reputation. He graduates in season 7 and makes a guest appearance as a host of a robot war in Season 8. Tori Santamaria Alex Steele 11-12 (regular) Despite her spoiled background, Tori has a positive attitude. Tori fights with Maya on her first day, but eventually becomes friends with Maya. Tristan is also her friend and sidekick. She gets in a relationship with Zig in high school, although it is said that they went on a few dates before high school. Tori helps Maya in a beauty pageant. Her family moves away prior to season 13. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 11., Alex Steele formerly played Angie Jeremiah who was Craig Manning's half-sister and Joey Jeremiah's daughter., Tristan Milligan Lyle Lettau (credited as Lyle O'Donohoe seasons 11 & 12) 11 (guest appearance); 11-present (regular) The flamboyant younger brother of Owen, Tristan is interested in musicals, and the Power Squad. He is friends with Tori, and attempts to break up her and Zig. Tori sets up a blind date with him and Adam, that does not work out, but receives some advice from Adam. He develops a crush on straight Campbell, and interacts with him online as Maya, until coming clean. He receives the lead role in Eli's reimagining of Romeo and Juliet as "Jules", for which he sees homophobia. He worries about having his first kiss, not wanting it to be with Dave on stage, but his friends convince him the time will come. To impress a guy, Fab, Tristan tries to get in shape with a cleanse, and starves himself. He suffers a heart attack during the date with Fab. During the summer, he develops a crush on new kid, Miles, who has a thing for Maya. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 11., Wesley Betenkamp Spencer Van Wyck 9 (guest appearance); 10-11 (regular) Best friend of Connor and Dave. He appears in season 9 after Clare bites him on the neck while playing Seven minutes in heaven. He becomes a flautist in "The Three Tenners", with Connor and Dave. He turns to Drew for advice on how to be cool and win a date with Anya MacPherson, his secret crush. Dave tases him after he tells his new "friends" that Dave's dad is a cop as payback for being ditched. He then tries to break a world record, but fails and breaks his hand, but gets a girlfriend, Hannah, in the process. Winston "Chewy" Chu Andre Kim 13-present (regular) A sarcastic boy and Miles' best friend who was enrolled in Degrassi during his freshman year but was never noticed. Zane Park Shannon Kook-Chun 9 (guest appearance); 10 (recurring); 10-11 (regular) Zane Park is an openly gay student at Degrassi Community School who is first introduced in season 9. It is shown he is attracted to closeted student Riley Stavros, throughout his first appearance he breaks Riley out of his shell, and dances with him at an LGBT mixer. After a summer together, Zane signs up to be the kicker on the football team in hopes of making football something he and Riley can do together, angering Riley, who is worried his teammates will find out about his sexuality. Zane continues to convince Riley to control his anger, and to be totally open, resulting in him accepting a football scholarship, and openly kissing Zane at school. Zane breaks up with Riley, only to be rekindled at prom. He attends university with Riley. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 10., Only appeared in the first half of Season 11., Zig Novak Ricardo Hoyos 11-present (regular) Zig comes from a poor home. He dated Tori prior to attending Degrassi, but they broke up. He is briefly the love interest of Maya, but gets back together with Tori. Zig becomes the school's mascot to support Tori. He resorts to theft to keep Tori from realizing his poor background. Zig helps Maya in a beauty pageant, during which Maya kisses Zig. Zig gets upset when Maya gets back together with Cam, because he felt something when they kissed, but Maya tells him she felt nothing. He later on calls Cam a Psycho and further prompts Cam to commit suicide. He feels guilt over it and begins to act out. Before the school year ends, Zig promises to wait for Maya, but when the new school year begins is surprised and mad to find out Maya has moved on. Added to the opening credits in the second half of Season 11., Zoe Rivas Ana Golja 13-present (regular) A fashion conscious girl who transfers to Degrassi after being written out of the popular teen drama, West Drive. She also has a love interest with Miles Hollingsworth III, but broke up due to Zoe's actions towards Maya and Tristan. Now at Degrassi, she attempts to make Maya and Miles jealous by faking a relationship with Drew, although it doesn't work out. At one of Miles' parties, she gets drunk and after passing out, is sexually assaulted by Luke and his friend Neil, though she doesn't remember what happened the next day. A Degrassi TV report about alcohol influence on teenagers, with Zoë as the inspiration, is attempted by Becky, who finally discovers that it was her brother who raped her. Teachers and other adults: Name Actor Seasons Featured Archibald "Archie" "Snake" Simpson Stefan Brogren 1-present (regular) A student in the previous series and has become a teacher and eventually the principal at Degrassi. He marries Christine "Spike" Nelson in season 2 and becomes Emma Nelson's stepfather. Spike gives birth to their son Jack in season 3. He was diagnosed with cancer, but eventually goes into remission. He was seen kissing Mrs. Hatzilakos by Emma in season 5, and briefly separated from Spike until they made up. He is falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour in season 7 by Darcy Edwards, and is briefly suspended from Degrassi. He becomes the principal in season 10 after Mrs. Hatzilakos leaves Degrassi. He has been a regular in every season of the Degrassi franchise., Caitlin Ryan Stacie Mistysyn 1-2 (recurring); 3-5 (regular); 7 (guest appearance) A prominent TV journalist, she had a long on-and-off relationship with Joey in the previous series. She dates Joey from seasons 3-4 until she breaks up with him to accept a position at a nationally syndicated news magazine. She is caught kissing Ellie's boyfriend in season 7, but did not know about their relationship and apologizes before leaving town. Although she is credited as a regular in Season 5, she only appears in 1 out of 19 episodes., Daniel "Dan" Raditch Dan Woods 1-4 (regular) He was an English teacher in Degrassi Junior High and assistant principal in Degrassi High. He was the principal of Degrassi Community School until he was transferred out because the School Board felt he mishandled Rick's bullying situation which later evolved into the school shooting. Daphne Hatzilakos Melissa DiMarco 2-4, 9 (recurring); 5-7 (regular); 8 (guest appearance) The old Science Teacher at Degrassi from seasons 2-4, she becomes the principal of Degrassi from seasons 5-7 after Daniel Raditch is transferred out of Degrassi, until she moves to Regina. She is the divorced mother of Peter Stone. She returns in season 9 as acting principal after The Shep is fired. She is no longer principal in season 10, and the reason is unknown. Joseph "Joey" Jeremiah Pat Mastroianni 1 (guest appearance); 2-5 (regular) A student of Degrassi in the previous series. He is the father of Angela and stepfather of Craig Manning, and the owner of a used car dealership. He starts dating Sydney in season 3, but eventually breaks up with her for Caitlin Ryan. He dates Caitlin from seasons 3-4 until Caitlin accepts a position at a nationally syndicated news magazine. After Season 5, he moved to Calgary with his daughter. Christine "Spike" Nelson Amanda Stepto 1-2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular); 8-9 (guest appearances) A student at Degrassi who gave birth to Emma Nelson in the previous series, she is a hairdresser and marries Archie "Snake" Simpson. She gives birth to their son in season 3. She briefly separates from Snake in season 5 after Emma catches him kissing Mrs. Hatzilakos, but they eventually make up. After taking Emma to college, she is last talking to Clare and Alli, who found her vibrator under her bed. Although she is credited as a regular in Season 7, she only appears in 3 out of 24 episodes., Winnie Oh Cory Lee 10-present (regular) The media immersions and music teacher, many students at Degrassi find her attractive. Dave tries to win her attention, but is unsuccessful. Sav meets her after school, and they get to be on a first name basis. Minor characters: Students: List of characters that had major roles, yet never appeared in the opening credits (recurring)., Name Actor Seasons Featured Christopher "Chris" Sharpe Daniel Morrison 3-4 An aspiring DJ introduced in season 3, he starts dating Emma Nelson after Sean breaks up with her, but they break up after she tries to get Sean in trouble. Liberty Van Zandt develops a crush on him, but they do not date. Seen in the opening credits from seasons 3-5, but was not credited., Dean Walton Shawn Roberts 2, 4 (guest appearances) A student at Bardell, he rapes Paige Michalchuk in season 2. He returns to Degrassi for a sports competition and is threatened by J.T. and Spinner after hearing about the incident. After Paige loses her court trial against him, she smashes Spinner's car into his. He threatens to tell authorities, but she stands up to him and tells him that she's going to confess. Dylan Michalchuk John Bregar 3-6 The older brother of Paige Michalchuk. He was an openly gay student at Degrassi who starts dating Marco Del Rossi in season 3. He graduates in season 3 as well. He cheats on Marco and breaks up with him in season 4, because he wants an 'open relationship', but they get back together in season 5 after he returns from college. He leaves to play hockey in Switzerland in season 6, and tries to keep in contact with Marco, but Marco breaks up with him. Did not appear in the opening credits at all, but was 'starring' in over 20 episodes throughout his four season run., Eric Dwain Murphy 6-7 He works at The Core with Ellie and Jesse. He goes on a date with Marco Del Rossi in season 6, but Marco is not interested. They eventually start dating after Marco breaks up with Dylan. Marco asks him to move in after Paige plans to move out, but he denies. After Marco and Ellie almost have sex, he does not find out, but it is unrevealed whether they continue dating. Griffin Pierce-Taylor Nathan Stephenson 7 The new roommate of Paige, Ellie, and Marco introduced in "Love is a Battlefield." He is very involved with music, and tried to help Jimmy Brooks make it big in the music industry, but is unsuccessful because Griffin is just trying to make a name for himself. Marco begins to crush on him, but he tells Marco to leave him alone because he is not gay. In the episode "Talking in Your Sleep," Griffin has sex with Paige, after which Paige discovers that Griffin was born with HIV. Heather Sinclair unseen character 1-11 Heather Sinclair is the nemesis of myriad characters, primarily her female classmates, and most significantly Paige Michalchuk. She follows in the long tradition of unseen characters on television series characters who are repeatedly mentioned, eventually becoming too exaggerated to ever be accurately portrayed. Heather is the elder sister of Holly J. Sinclair. Jesse Stefanovic Steve Belford 6-7 The former editor at The Core, the campus newspaper where Ellie Nash works. The two eventually begin to date, which sees tension when Ellie admits to kissing Craig Manning and Jesse admits to having an affair with a woman at a bar. After a short breakup, the couple reunite, only to break up once more after Ellie catches Jesse kissing Caitlin Ryan in season 7. Kendra Mason Katie Lai 2-3 Gavin "Spinner" Mason's younger, adopted sister. She dated Toby for a time until he became too clingy. She is an anime fan and a fund raiser organizer. She was introduced in season 2 and remained a recurring character in season 3. Toby wanted to be prepared if he ever wanted to have sex with her so he brought the "stuff" to school. He got in trouble with Spinner, but was then approved by Spinner. Toby and Kendra broke up over the summer; no reason was given. She is not seen at Spinner's wedding to Emma. Seen in the opening credits from seasons 3-5, but was not credited., Linus Ishan Davé 5 (guest appearances) Linus is the leader of the Degrassi Friendship Club in season five. He is a Christian who believes in abstinence and the Bible. He befriends Spinner only to brainwash him into following him in his beliefs after confronting Spinner on his past. At a safe sex seminar, Linus verbally bashes Marco and turns the situation violent when Marco argues back because of his homophobia. Lucas Valieri Marc Minardi 7-8 (guest appearances) Lucas is a former Lakehurst student, introduced in season 7 and is good friends with Johnny DiMarco. He is also Jane Vaughn's brother and is Mia Jones's former boyfriend and father to her daughter, Isabella. Returns in "Jane Says" and learns what his sister went through as a child. Mark "Fitz" Fitzgerald James Edward Campbell 9-10 Fitz is the school bully. In season 9 he starts calling Riley gay while he is questioning his sexuality. In season 10 he starts to bully Adam after he found out from Bianca he had a girl's body. Even though Fitz starts to understand Adam, he still treats him like he would a girl, causing Adam to punch him and try to pick a fight. Fitz ends up only fighting Eli, and the fight gets interrupted by Clare's stink bomb evacuating the school. Eli then convinces Principal Simpson that it was Fitz who released the stink bomb, and gets Fitz in trouble. Then, Fitz threatens Eli with a knife, causing him to be arrested, and Principal Simpson promising sweeping changes for Degrassi Community School. He returns, trying to make amends with Clare and Eli, and revealing he has become a Christian. Richard "Rick" Murray Ephraim Ellis 3-4 (recurring); 8 (guest appearance) Rick starts a relationship with Terri, but goes on to abuse her, leaving her in a coma. He leaves the school, only to come back in season 4. Throughout Degrassi, he is harassed and hated. Paige and Emma start a "yellow ribbon campaign" in order to get back at him, aiming to drive him out of the school. After Rick wins a trivia game show with Emma, Jimmy, and Toby, he is drenched in yellow paint and feathers. Later, he returns to school armed with a Colt 1911 handgun. He kisses Emma, claiming that she loved him, but she rebuffs him and coldly says that she only pitied him. He then approaches Paige with the intent of shooting her, but refrains after she expresses sympathy for him. After overhearing Spinner and Jay, who were behind the prank, deliberately say that Jimmy was responsible, Rick shoots Jimmy in the back with his eyes closed. He almost shoots Emma, but Sean stops him and the gun ends up firing, killing Rick by accident. Didn't appear in the credits at all, but was 'starring' in 10 episodes throughout his 2 season run., Trina Terra Vnesa 7-8 (guest appearances) Trina is a young woman whom Jimmy meets in physical therapy. Like Jimmy, she is physically disabled, and has learned to accept that, helping Jimmy do this throughout the season. Later on in the season the two begin dating, and she convinces Jimmy to get stem cell surgery with her over the summer. Along with Jimmy, Trina returns in season 8 during Spinner's congratulations party. In a deleted scene, Jimmy proposes to Trina and she accepts. Parents, teachers, and other minor characters: Name Actor Seasons Featured Angela Elizabeth "Angie" Jeremiah Alex Steele 1-5 Daughter of Joey and the late Julia Jeremiah; half-sister of Craig Manning through their mother Julia. She appears in episodes involving Joey or Craig, and was the one who revealed Craig's injuries to Joey, which were caused by Craig's father. Emma Nelson is her babysitter in season 2 and, by implication, season 1. Audra Torres Ramona Milano 10-present Mother of Drew and Adam Torres, she is mostly seen in episodes centering on Drew or Adam. Throughout the first half of season 10 she continually shows her disapproval of Principal Simpson, particularly after her sons are harassed at school. It is revealed that she is on the school board, and after the events of the semester end event, Mr. Simpson promised sweeping changes to Degrassi Community School. She developes a mother-daughter relationship with Bianca and helps her to get back on track. When she finds out about Drew's proposal to Bianca she expresses her disapproval and even goes as far as trying to crash the elopement. However she later comes around to accepting it. Coach Armstrong Michael Kinney 1-present Coach Armstrong is the mathematics teacher for all grades at Degrassi, and shows he's dedicated to his job by taking time out to tutor students who are having trouble in the course. This dedication started to spawn rumors that he and Liberty Van Zandt were having an inappropriate relationship, when the real reason behind Liberty's tutoring is that she had the learning disability, dyscalculia. Coach Armstrong coaches the boys' sports teams and takes an active part in Degrassi's sports program. Mrs. Bhandari Mishu Vellani 8-present The traditional mother to Sav and Alli. Appeared in episodes centering on Sav or Alli. Coach Carson Damon Runyan 9 Coach Carson was a new basketball coach in season 9. He was last seen being taken into police custody after K.C. told teachers Carson was in possession of a gun. Chantel Sauvé Jennifer Podemski 2-10 The guidance counselor at Degrassi. She helped Paige through her rape, students following the school shooting, Liberty during her pregnancy, Darcy overcome her rape, Ellie with her cutting, Riley with his anger issues, and Holly J. with college prep tests information. Dom Perino Tom Melissis 2-present A Social Studies teacher at Degrassi Community School, who is very strict. He can be viewed as being more strict than Ms. Kwan, and has a resemblance to Craig's deceased father. He believes some students damaged his car and blamed and threatened Derek. Derek feels uncomfortable and unwelcome and is driven out of the classroom. He walks away and informs Mr. Simpson which causes an investigation against Mr. Perino. Jeff Isaacs Nigel Hamer 1-2 Father of Toby Isaacs, stepfather of Ashley Kerwin, husband of Kate Kerwin, and ex-husband of Anne Marie Isaacs. He is seen throughout seasons 1 and 2, arguing with his ex-wife or appearing in episodes centering on Toby or Ashley. Kate Kerwin Maria Ricossa 1-4 Mother of Ashley Kerwin, wife of Jeff Isaacs, stepmother of Toby Isaacs. She divorced her first husband, Ashley's father, after learning of his infidelity and homosexuality. Her scenes show her scolding or disciplining Ashley or Toby. Mrs. Kwan Linlyn Lue 1-9 Mrs. Kwan is the English and night school teacher at Degrassi and is known to be strict. She briefly left Degrassi to take care of her sick husband, but eventually returned. She breaks down when Spinner and Jimmy throw eggs at her car. Lara Coyne Joy Tanner 9-12 The wealthy mother of Declan and Fiona. Has appeared in episodes centering on Declan or Fiona. Matt Oleander Christopher Jacot 4-5 A teacher's assistant to Mr. Simpson, as well as a yoga instructor at the school. A relationship began between Paige Michalchuk and him, and after attempting to keep the relationship a secret, the couple was found out by the school board, and Matt was consequently fired from his position. He was last seen before moving to Vancouver to become a house painter. Principal "The Shep" Sheppard Kevin Jubinville 8-9 Principal Sheppard (a.k.a. "The Shep") was the principal of Lakehurst. When Ms. Hatzilakos leaves Degrassi to tend to her sick mother, Principal Sheppard becomes the principal of Degrassi. He cares only for the jocks and cheerleaders. This is evident by the fact that he does not want Jane Vaughn to play on the football team because she is a girl, and when she does, he ignores the abuse the other teammates give her. Clare Edwards exposes what a terrible principal he is at assembly by showing a tape of "The Shep, Principal of the Year" displaying his disregard of children who are different and he is sent to sensitivity training. He returns to Degrassi, and doesn't seem to cause any more controversy. When Ms. Hatzilakos returns she assumes the role of principal, and The Shep loses his job. Scott "Tracker" Cameron Kristen Holden-Ried 1-3 Sean Cameron's older brother. Sean and Tracker used to share an apartment together in Toronto, but after accepting a job offer in Alberta, left Sean alone in the apartment to pay for and take care of himself.

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