James, Jim or Jimmy Duncan may refer to: Contents 1 Politicians, 2 Sportspeople, 3 Others, 4 See also, Politicians: James Duncan (Pennsylvania) (1756-1844), American politician from Pennsylvania, James Duncan (politician) (1858-1911), British lawyer and Liberal politician, James H. Duncan (1793-1869), American politician from Massachusetts, James Hastings Duncan (1855-1928), British Liberal Member of Parliament for Otley, 1900-1918, Jim Duncan (Alaska politician) (born 1942), former Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives, Jimmy Duncan (U.S. politician) (born 1947), American politician from Tennessee, Sir James Duncan, 1st Baronet (1899-1974), British politician, Sportspeople: James Duncan (athlete) (1887-1955), American athlete, James Duncan (football defender) (fl 1878-1882), Scottish international footballer (List of Scotland international footballers (1 - 4 caps)), James Duncan (Scottish footballer) (fl. 1890s), Sheffield United player, Jamie Duncan (born 1975), American football linebacker, Jim Duncan (American football) (1924-2011), American football player and coach, Jim Duncan (baseball) (1871-1901), American catcher and first baseman in Major League Baseball, Jim Duncan (cornerback) (1946-1972), American football player, Jim Duncan (footballer) (born 1938), English professional footballer, Jimmy Duncan (rugby union) (1869-1953), New Zealand rugby union footballer, coach and referee, Others: James Duncan (bishop) (1913-2000), Episcopal bishop in America, James Duncan (missionary) (1813-1907), New Zealand missionary and Presbyterian minister, James Duncan (musician) (born 1968), Canadian-born musician, improviser and house music producer, James Duncan (union leader) (1857-1928), Scottish-American union leader, James Duncan (zoologist) (1804-1861), Scottish naturalist, Jimmy Duncan (songwriter) (born 1935), American songwriter

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