Jim Sullivan may refer to: Jim Sullivan (rugby league) (1903-1977), Welsh rugby league player, Jim Sullivan (writer), English comedy writer, Jim Sullivan (1920s pitcher) (1894-1972), Major League baseball pitcher, 1921-1923, Jim Sullivan (1890s pitcher) (1867-1901), Major League baseball pitcher, 1891-1898, Jim Sullivan (Irish republican) (died 1992), member of the Official IRA in Belfast at time of outbreak of Northern Ireland troubles, Big Jim Sullivan (1941-2012), English guitarist, Jim Sullivan (Wisconsin politician) (born 1967), American politician, state senator for Wisconsin's 5th Senate district, L. James Sullivan, American firearms designer, The Rev (1981-2009), or Jimmy Sullivan, Avenged Sevenfold drummer, Jim Sullivan, sculptor of the Babe Ruth Home Run Award, Jim Sullivan (curler) (1968-2011), Canadian curler, Jim Sullivan (footballer) (1904-1974), English association footballer, Jimmy Sullivan (footballer) (born 1896), Australian rules footballer

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