James Wood or Jim Wood may refer to: James Wood (Canadian admiral) (born 1934), Canadian admiral, James Wood (composer) (born 1953), British composer and percussionist, James Wood (critic) (born 1965), British literary critic and novelist, James Wood (encyclopaedist) (fl. late 19th century), British editor of The Nuttall Encyclopaedia, James Wood (footballer) (born 1893), professional footballer, who played for South Shields, Huddersfield Town and Blackpool, James Wood (governor) (1747-1813), Governor of Virginia and officer in the American Revolutionary War, James Wood (mathematician) (1760-1839), Dean of Ely 1820-1839, James Wood (minister) (1672-1759), Presbyterian minister of Atherton and Chowbent Chapels in Atherton, Greater Manchester, England, James Wood (New York state senator), New York politician and Union Army general, James Wood (politician), Member of Parliament for East Down, 1902-1906, James Wood, Lord Irwin (born 1977), British courtesy peer, James Athol Wood (1756-1829), British rear-admiral, James Frederick Wood (1813-1883), Archbishop of Philadelphia, James N. Wood (1941-2010), American director of the Art Institute of Chicago, James Roland Wood (born 1941), Australian Royal Commissioner and jurist, James Rushmore Wood (1816-1882), American physician, James W. Wood (1924-1990), U.S. Air Force colonel and senior test pilot on the Dyna-Soar program, Jamie Wood (born 1978), footballer, Jim Wood (Arkansas) (fl. late 20th century), State Auditor of Arkansas, Jim Wood (California politician), member of the California State Assembly, Jim Wood (fiddler) (born 1964), American fiddler, Jimmy Wood (1842-1927), American baseball player and manager, Sebastian Wood (James Sebastian Lamin Wood, born 1961), British Ambassador to China, James Wood (Royal Navy officer), commander of the HMS Pandora during its commission at the Royal Navy's Pacific Station

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