James Griffin may refer to: Jimmy Griffin (James Arthur Griffin, 1943-2005), American musician, member of Bread, James D. Griffin (1929-2008), former American politician and mayor of Buffalo, New York, James Griffin (American football) (born 1961), American football player, James Bennett Griffin (1905-1997), American archaeologist, James J. Griffin (born 1949), author, James Griffin (philosopher) (born 1933), former White's Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford, James Griffin (songwriter), Australian singer / songwriter, James Griffin (Irish politician) (1899-1959), Irish Fianna Fáil politician from Meath, James Aloysius Griffin (1883-1948), American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, James Anthony Griffin (born 1934), American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, Jim Griffin (footballer) (born 1967), Scottish footballer who played for Motherwell FC, James Griffin (ice hockey) (born 1993), British ice hockey player

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