As a vocalist and recording artist, Jimmy Parker wakes up the music scene as a refreshing, original, yet traditional style with a unique presence all his own. His songs are powerful, story-telling, and full of originality whether it be one he wrote or submitted to him by other writers.

His childhood was spent growing up in Petersburg, Virginia. His parents saw at an early age he was into music as he loved singing in church and copying his dad’s style of playing the piano by ear. They soon enrolled him for the next six years into piano training, honing his piano skills, until he learned a few chords on the guitar and joined a rock 'n' roll band at the age of 13. Playing that kind of music through high school and college gave Jimmy his spending money. Even though he was exposed and familiar with country music as his father was a big Merle Haggard fan, Jimmy switched over to country music after hearing the Outlaws album that was recorded by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tom Paul Glaser, and Jessi Colter. Jimmy has been Country ever since.

In 1990, he made the move to Nashville to seek out a spot in the music business. He spent several years knocking on doors, meeting with people in the business. Even though he wasn't successful in obtaining his dreams of being a music star at that time, it was not a cause for him to give up. Jimmy left the music business in 1996 to tend to the needs of his wife who became ill and eventually passed away in 2003.

In 2004, he made a big step back into the music business. His return to the music business led to a cd album entitled, “Warm Love,” which was the title of the song he wrote about his wife. This cd project lit a fire in Jimmy and he decided he’d get back into the country music arena. He met with a good friend and asked him to produce his next albums. He decided to take control of his own destiny and do the music he loves best...Tradtional Country Music. He created his own label (Heart2Heart), production company, publishing company, and promotions company. Since that first project, Jimmy has recorded 4 more cds with the most recent being “Home” released in late 2012 on CMG Nashville Records.

In the years since 2004, he has seen success on internet radio stations and on Youtube with his videos. In 2009 "A Soldier is Worth it To Me" garnered Jimmy tremendous airplay on more than a hundred internet radio stations. "I've Been Good (I've Been Bad)" followed along with "Prince Charming." In 2011 his single, “Daddy,“ reached #1 three times on the IMN Country Charts out of Los Angeles, California and stayed in the country charts there for 38 weeks. “Daddy” won “Single of The Year” in 2011 on the Independent Music Network as a result. It was also nominated by his peers and fans in two associations for video of the year. Internet Radio has made Jimmy a virtual star in online radio shows around the world.

In 2012 he was awarded the “Best Male Country Artist” award by the Independent Country Music Assoiciation (ICoMA) which is now located in Nashville, Tn. As a result of all these accomplishments, CMG Nashville record label took a notice and signed Jimmy to a recording contract in 2012. Their first release on him, "Thought I'd Be Home By Now," hit Americana radio stations and began picking up airplay on many other stations. The video on this song has accumalated over 12,000 views in one year on Youtube.

Jimmy and CMG Nashville are now partnering into promoting his music more into the public's ears. His fanbase is growing widely around the world. In January of 2013 he visited Australia to perform 9 engagements in and around the annual Tamworth music festival. He is now getting exposure not only in Australia, but Europe as well. His American fan base is growing big time also. His CDs are selling online and people are requesting his music. His shows are starting to pack the venues where he plays around the country.

When asked about his music and the songs he records, Jimmy stated, "Country music has been my life for the last 30 some years. I love it. Every fiber in my body feels every song I sing. I write a little, have some very good songwriter friends who believe in me and submit songs to me, and I also have some really good covers that I've recorded that touch my heart. My music comes from my heart and when I sing it I want to feel it. That's what I think country music is...a that comes from the heart."

CMG Nashville's CEO, Steven B. Riley, says, "We, at CMG Nashville, are very impressed with the overwhelming response that we are receiving from the fan base of Jimmy Parker. That coupled with the phenomenal amount of airplay that Jimmy's new CD, "HOME," is receiving, the airplay of his new Youtube music video "Thought I'd Be Home by Now," and with the new worldwide promotion campaign on his music video, "Daddy," we are very proud to have our name associated with the career of Jimmy Parker. It is truly a partnership that is in the best interest of CMG Nashville and for Jimmy Parker."


Jimmy's Discography:
Home (CMG Records Nashville) 2012
American Country Singer (Heart2Heart Records) 2011
Real Deal (Heart2Heart Records) 2009
More Than You Know (Heart2Heart Records) 2006
Warm Love (Heart2Heart Records) 2004
One of Those Nights (Vista Records) 1992
Oklahoma Sunshine (Vista Records) 1991


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