The narrow line between the secular and sacred in country & western music, sometimes seeming more like a barbed wire fence, is perhaps no better expressed than in the following song title: "This Kinda Love Ain't Meant for Sunday School." Yet like most successful tunesmiths in this genre, Jimmy Walker was also quite happy to totally contradict himself, having also been responsible for a ditty entitled "God Was So Good ('Cause He Let Me Have You)." The totality of Walker's philosophy is somewhat difficult to examine in detail, having been available only sporadically on vintage LPs such as his Old Homestead release appropriately named Loving Country Heart. The better-known crooner Carl Smith had a hit with "This Kinda Love Ain't Meant for Sunday School," representing the smoother side of Walker's stylistic spread. Walker has actually become better known through compilation reissues as a sort of Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly, the latter being the attention-grabbing moniker of a four-CD box set that includes several Walker recordings. One of these is his route through "Detour," a somewhat depressing ditty that became a hit on the pop scene in the '50s. This artist's career began in the prior decade and he was well-known on hillbilly radio shows such as Hollywood Barn Dance and Midwestern Hayride. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi