Jim or Jimmy Williams may refer to: Contents 1 American football, 2 Baseball, 3 Basketball, 4 Others, 5 See also, American football: Jimmy Williams (linebacker) (born 1960), former linebacker for the Detroit Lions, Jimmy F. Williams (born 1984), free agent cornerback, Jimmy R. Williams (born 1979), cornerback for the Houston Texans, Baseball: Jimmy Williams (coach) (born 1926), former baseball player and manager; first base coach for the Baltimore Orioles from 1981-89, Jimmy Williams (19th century manager) (1847-1918), baseball manager 1884, 1887-1888, Jim Williams (outfielder) (born 1947), MLB outfielder from 1969-1970, Jimmy Williams (second baseman) (1876-1965), MLB second baseman from 1899-1909, Jimy Williams (born 1943), Major League Baseball coach and former manager, Basketball: Jim Williams (basketball coach) (1915-2007), basketball coach at Colorado State University 1954-55 to 1979-80, Jimmy Williams (basketball coach), assistant basketball coach at University of Memphis, University of Minnesota, and Oklahoma State; interim head coach at Minnesota (1985-86), Others: Jim Williams (powerlifter) (February 25, 1940 - January 23, 2007) American powerlifter, Jim Williams (author) (born 1947), author and lawyer, Jim Williams (analog designer) (1948-2011), analog circuit designer and technical author, Jim Williams (news anchor) (born 1957), news anchor at WBBM-TV in Chicago, Jim Williams (rugby union) (born 1968), Munster forwards coach and ex-player, Jim Williams (composer), Music for Hotel Babylon, Jim Williams (pastor), AoG pastor from New Zealand, Jim Williams (Florida) (born 1926), retired American politician, Jimmy Williams (footballer born 1888) (1888-1960), footballer for Stoke, Jimmy Williams (footballer) (born 1982), English former professional footballer

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