Contemporary Country
JJ Lawhorn is the epitome of a good ol’ southern boy. With hunting, fishing, and working on his truck as just a few of his hobbies, this rural Virginian lives a life most country artists only sing about.

“I grew up working with my hands—you know—doing good hard physical labor,” says the 18-year-old musician with a thick drawl. “I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud of where I come from.”

Lawhorn was raised on his family’s farm, and until recently intended to carry on the family business.

“I had plans to go to Virginia Tech to study agriculture—I thought I was gonna be a farmer for the rest of my life.”

But everything changed in the spring of 2010 when producer Jeremy Stover discovered the young singer/songwriter on YouTube. Less than a year later, JJ signed a publishing deal with EMI Publishing in Nashville, and in June of 2011, he officially signed with Average Joes Entertainment.

When JJ isn't in the recording studio he spends his time in the field, but his music still reflects his Southern upbringing. Influenced by some of the industry’s greatest rebels (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard), his songs are a perfect blend of sweet melody and raw country sound.

“All of my music is about things that I know—whether it’s sitting on a tailgate, driving trucks in mud, huntin’, or fishing. Average, everyday life,” he says. “I want to make music people can relate to.”

Lawhorn’s first single, “Sitting on a Tailgate,” was recently featured on the Mud Digger vol. 2 album, alongside fellow Average Joes acts, Colt Ford, JB and the Moonshine Band and Sunny Ledford.